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  1. Re-introduction

    I wanted to say hello again....I came into this realm awhile ago, but forgot about it while I'm on my little excursion to the Desert of Deserts. It'll be good to read all the post on this place again and gain a little distraction.
  2. Hi There

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes...and recruiting messages . Just got back from playing soldier in the Colorado cold, so I hope to be here more often. Let's see, favorite game would probably have to be Mage and I'm very much looking forward to the new one. Well it's sleep time for me.
  3. Where Are You From?

    From Las Vegas, but I currently reside at Ft.Carson, CO.
  4. Hi There

    Well, I just joined so I spose that makes me new here. Hopefully I'll be able to check this place out more when I get back from playing Soldier for two weeks in the cold. I just wanted to say hi before I forgot though