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  1. So I have been thinking

    It's be nice to see some happening again... I might even join in once I get settled
  2. OMG we're back?!?!?!

    Wow, it's been ages. Mort, I'm so happy you've brought this back! What has everyone been up to? I'm working in Health and Safety/Marketing. Busy, busy busy!
  3. :(

    YAY RAISE! YAY FOR DOING BETTER! *big boggan hugs*
  4. Repeat Offender - Discussion

    I dunno, Mortie. people who do that sort of thing seemt o me to be looking for whatever attention they can get. they may behave for awhile, but then, when things aren't "all about me", they'll drop back to old habits. maybe I'm just cynical. though I'm thrilled that email ban ain't retroactive. i understand the reasons behind it, etc, but I'm stuck living at home, and like many of those stuck with their parents, the ISP email belongs to the parental units, not me
  5. Ten Years Ago Today

    I didn't even know that had happened o.O of course, iw as kind of wrapped up in my own drama that day, as it was the date of my ill-fated marriage. A bomb in my life, if not literal. But it sucks that something you loved was destroyed. i'm sorry...
  6. 6/6/6

    Rammstein dude, Rammstien. Hey, sometimes the music mellows out, and the lyrics may or may not be all satanic, but since it's german, no one can tell anyways
  7. Favorite Marvel Superhero

    Banshee. From Gen X days. I loved his as the not such a great role model teacher
  8. X-Men III

    All I can say is Kelsey Grammer + Beast = Bullet needing "a moment" *ahem* sorry, one of the world's sexiest voices on the sexiest of all mutants? DAMN MAN DAMN!!!!
  9. Happy Unbirthday

    but it's my birthday all month! I claim the ENTIRE month of may, since i was so fortunate as to be born on Beltaine
  10. Aspartame

    interesting topic. I don't drink aspertame because I hate the tase. And it gives me migranes. The best weight loss advice i ever received was this - NEVER cut anything completely out of your diet. you will begin to crave and thus gorge yourself. I have lost over 70 lbs (with a few minor setbacks after vacations ), and I did it simply by cutting down HOW MUCH I eat (ie: I will eat only one hamburger when we barbeque, only a half baked potatoe instead of a full one, etc...), eat more fruit and veggie matter - any way I can get it. Yay for froaen peas), and if I crave a small bag of chips, I have it - once a week or so. and most importantly, I get outside and walk as much as possible. Not fast (I can't), but I do it. It works wonders and I feel like crap if I miss that walk.
  11. Happy Birthday GB

    thanks everyone! So far it's been a great one too Now all that needs to happen is my ritual call to Dante.... *happy sigh*
  12. message from ihal

    Okay, I got this message this morning from IHAL: So yeah, he's not dead, darnit all
  13. a possible difference between canada and the US

    DUDE! we're in the Void. no such thing as "on topic"! besides, i'm the queen of off-topicness. I got kicked off a GI Joe mailing list because i started a convo about beer that got Larry hama (the original writer of the GI Joe comic in the 80's and the man single handed responsible for the Joes as they exist now....) to post without asking him a direct question! But I got kicked anyways. So I started my own mailing list that has no topic at all.
  14. a possible difference between canada and the US

    not really. the issue of unions is pretty much universal in the pros and cons. i think anyways. see my above rant
  15. a possible difference between canada and the US

    personally, i think unions are over-rated. When my dad retired, the company was going to give him an amazing settlement and retirement package. Absof*ckinglutely amazing. he didn't get it. Why? because the union said he couldn't have it. My brother got screwed around by a union (I don't remember the details), and even though my secutiry company was unionized, we got shit wages and no benefits. So what's the point of a union? I thought they were supposed to HELP the employee.... /rant