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  1. At the Black Eyed Peas concert. Free tickets. May as well.

  2. On my way to work. PGA starts today. Might see the concerts later in the week. Except the black eyed peas, I have no interest in them.

  3. Heat kept me awake last night. Fell asleep around 4am. I have the sleep deprivation where your sinuses burn and eyes itch.

  4. ..uhh.. Twitter just took all of the accounts I am following away.. I apparently follow 0 people. #WTF

  5. An new co-op game for me to try! Hopefully the story will be better than the video game. Gears of War Boardgame: http://bit.ly/l6h9RI #Gears

  6. I would feel a lot better about buying the Droid Bionic if I had a solid release date. Hurry up and give me a release date.

  7. What is with all these sleeping animals at the sides of roads here? They aren't that stupid in England.

  8. May the fourth be with you.

  9. I played Wrath of Ashardalon Saturday. I liked it. I'd like to see a combined CR/WoA scenario/ruleset, instead of vague words from Wizards.

  10. Happy Pi day all.

  11. To all AT&T customers.. PLEASE! switch to an alternate service. Don't let them start this shit. PLEASE! http://tinyurl.com/66e8a2u

  12. Orion hunts the sky tonight. Of course, he always hunts the sky, but he's very bright tonight. Maybe he's hunting something interesting?

  13. Power is out. Candle light time.

  14. Dear internets, can anybody suggest any good science and/or new technology podcasts for me to listen to? Thanks.