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  1. That's right. We're giving away a free copy of Night Horrors: Wolfsbane over at The Storyverse. First: Chapter 7, The Endless Market, is up -- http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/2009/09/09...endless-market/ Second: The contest to win demands you dance for your dinner -- http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/2009/09/08...rnet-purchases/ Join us for Werewolfy Goodness. -- Chuck
  2. Shadowstories: The Infi-Net Revolution

    Just an update: More chapters have been added -- so hop on over and clicky on the chapter headers at The Story So Far -- http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/the-story-so-far/ New chapters every Wednesday! -- Chuck
  3. People! Friends! Romans! Country Mice and City Rats! I developed Hunter: The Vigil, and Marty Henley contributed to it as a writer. We've got a new serialized fiction project brewing. It's called Shadowstories: The Infi-Net Revolution. FAQ here: http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/faq/ And the Story So Far here: http://www.thestoryverse.com/go/the-story-so-far/ We've got three chapters up so far, and will keep posting them Wednesdays (plus bonus content on Mondays, and process chatter on Fridays). We'd love, love, love, if you hopped by and checked it out. Give it a gander. Make some comments. Yell. Throw things. Whatever works! -- Chuck
  4. Under The Skin SAS available

    For me, it's less about writer's block (since, well, I wrote a few of 'em), and more about, "Holy crap, I just don't have time." Time is becoming more of an issue in regards to gaming, so the SASes serve as a great Grab-n-Go module of adventure. But, it's still WOD-flavored; lots of toolbox options and NPCs that can be used or ignored in that or other stories. -- Chuck
  5. Under The Skin SAS available

    SASes are basically non-linear scenes meant to comprise a certain adventure or story. They're written in such a way as to provide primary actions available (resulting in a wider variety of potential actions than what you find in the WOD Rulebook), NPCs, consequences, bonuses and penalties, etc. Plus, you sometimes get cool artifacts, maps, and you get scene cards to easily print out and bring to the table; perfect for ST use. Some of the SASes are more "open" than others. So far, I think they've mostly been very, very successful. The Hunter ones -- and yes, I am very biased -- are quite good. Under the Skin is definitely a good place to start. I wrote two myself: Bad Night at Blackmoon Farm and the (upcoming) Blood Drive. Each SAS is generally "in theme" with a book -- so, Under the Skin is tied loosely to Spirit Slayers, but does not require Spirit Slayers to use. Tricksy! -- Chuck
  6. Horror Recognition Guide

    Well, really, all the other projects are already shaped up. I've seen the proofs for Slasher and Spirit Slayers, and think both look great. Slasher in particular is crazy awesome looking. I guess Slasher's on target for a January release, so. That's good news. I've also seen some of the SASs in the works (and I've got one in the works, too). Vigil should be getting lots of support, I think. -- Chuck
  7. Horror Recognition Guide

    The crunch will come. That sounds prophetic. "THE CRUNCH WILL COME." -- Chuck
  8. Horror Recognition Guide

    It is a compilation of encounters and stories from various hunters. No single-POV, here! -- Chuck
  9. Horror Recognition Guide

    Given that the book is largely fiction, it also serves as (hopefully) a good read to those without active Hunter groups, too. -- Chuck
  10. Block by Bloody Block

    Block by Bloody Block (aka BBBB, or B4), is now available, peeps. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info...oducts_id=59385 Please to enjoy! -- Chuck (Doh, double post.) (Oops.) -- c.
  11. Block by Bloody Block

    Block by Bloody Block (aka BBBB, or B4), is now available, peeps. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info...oducts_id=59385 Please to enjoy! -- Chuck
  12. World of Darkness: Inferno

    I will kick you right in the snacks. Nooooo, John Newman, my mind is not slipping with age. It's slipping due to heavy methamphetamine use. Besides, I write a lot of stuff. I can't remember who's on what book all the time, or where I keep my pants, or why I sometimes wake up covered in blood. -- Chuck
  13. World of Darkness: Inferno

    Also can't hurt that a number of the writers on Inferno were also Hunter writers. -- Chuck
  14. Scissors for H:tV

    Believe it or not, I think the Imbued are represented by the conspiracy tier. Broadly connected? Check. Have masters beyond themselves? Check. Have Endowments (Edges)? Check. Are in some way more supernatural than the others? Check. The third tier needn't be about supressing the hunters' general humanness, but the Imbued were interesting because they were very normal people forced into an extranormal situation. Messages, powers, madness. That, to me, can be the heart of the conspiracy tier. Oh, and I'm on board with the Serial and Wood approach -- what the players want is in the game, and we go from there. -- Chuck
  15. Advanced Armory

    Hunter is home to a number of small Half Life references, so this is all quite lovely. -- Chuck