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  1. Lies. Why does it always come down to lies?
  2. Thank you for this information.
  3. I'm happy White Wolf and Onyx Path are making this very clear for people so that they don't get to run around with their weird theories.
  4. Very much so. For myself, until I can get the final product and can see what's inside, which I've become much more curious about due to absolutely vicious hostility to it I see, I'll stay cool.
  5. Sales targets for 5e

    So it could be but they're most likely going for the best sales they can and get as many people onboard as they can find for V5.
  6. Sales targets for 5e

    Really? Isn't VtM almost per definition a bit edgelordy with all its angst, Jyhad and stuff?
  7. Sales targets for 5e

    I hope it sells well but given the very conservative, even reactionary in some cases, nature of the VtM ommmunity I think that it won't sell terrifically well given the changes already announced for it. I really hope it does well though and V5 will release more material but I don't dare to hope.
  8. I'm coming late but some ideas are: Giovanni - mobster lawyer, this one was pretty obvious Ventrue - legal advisor to corporations that wants to just bunch of the line between legan and illegal activities
  9. Here comes a custom stuff for your enjoyment to read, written to be part of the Victorian Age line of VtM material. And for readers I have a rather different question, in what direction should it be developed? I feel it’s not really distinct enough from the normal Nosferatu to warrant its bloodline status at this point but I don’t really feel any obvious direction in which to develop these guys. Suggestions would be welcome. Brothers of the Rat The Brothers of the Rat appeared as the great cities of the industrialization grew across the world. Some say they were active also earlier but there have been few reliable records of such presence. What is known is that the Brothers of the Rat are a breed who are shunned by most and seldom find camaraderie beyond each other and sometimes the Nosferatu Clan who can at times see their own in these Kindred. While many have reacted with surprise and disgust at the Brothers of the Rat there have also been some interest and employment of them in ways of skulduggery for scrapings from the tables of the wealthy. Many of them do come to the Camarilla like other lower class Clans and there make their gestures before withdrawing as fast as possible away from the condemning eyes of their “betters”. One of the main problems for the Brothers of the Rat is that as not being proper Nosferatu and Embraced into the fold, they seldom find acceptance without proving their mettle to the Sewer Rats, thus it’s not unheard of for a message of an incoming sheriff to not pass by the Brother of the Rat who thus gets caught. The one true companion to the Ratmen is the vermin of their name with which they gain their needed sustenance from the dead and together with whom they share their unfortunate unlives, unfortunate lives that can breed both great empathy but also the most bitter hate imaginable. Nickname: Ratmen Sect: Mostly Camarilla but with some Sabbat members. Appearence: Like all the brood of Absimilard the Brothers of the Rat are disfigured and walking breeches of the Masquerade. But unlike the traditional disfigurement of the Sewer Rats the Ratmen are drawn to a more animalistic look but not quite animal. Instead they might have rat-like teeth, a skittish movement or thick brown body hair. All of which makes them look to hint at the rodents. But given how their bodies tend to be wracked by the Embrace and their bent, broken and cracked forms along with their animal-like looks can make for an, unpleasant, appearance. Havens: The havens of the Brothers of the Rat are mostly filthy with the difference that rats seems to more or less make it as much of their homes as that of the Kindred himself or herself. But given the rats’ presence it’s most often in some place where rats can thrive and a signs is often that cats goes missing with great frequency in the local neighbourhood. Background: Almost all Ratmen are from a poor social standing and most of them lacks social graces and were known cohabitations with rats, vermin and worse also before their Embrace. With a few unfortunate people from more established classes who are brought into the night as a Brother of the Rat, often in bitter revenge from a member of the bloodline. Character Creation: Most Brothers of the Rat focus on physical attributes and learn stealth and the skills to live as one of, and manipulate, the rats. Social skills are last while wits and quick thinking makes for excellent mental traits for a Ratman. Given the poor social standing most of the bloodline has before their Embrace, intellectual skills are seldom parts of the parcel while physical are more often used and social skills were useful in their mortal lives. Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Celerity Weakness: Beyond the normal appearance weakness of the Nosferatu, which in this case takers the form of breaking down the humanoid form and giving them rat-like traits, the Brothers of the Rat are also cursed with scavenging their unlife from the leftovers of others. The Brothers of the Rat are unable to drink blood properly but can only gain Vitae from consuming coagulated blood. This often means them feasting on the dead poor who have been lying around for a while or keep corpses in their havens from which they nibble away in order to get to the precious Vitae inside. It’s a forced habit that has not endeared much sympathy from polite society and created more than a few problems for risking the Masquerade. Organization: Mostly the Brothers of the Rat are more or less alone or contact with a Sire or Childer. But on occasion the bloodline will keep together in almost tribal broods that are filled with back-biting bitches and assholes under single patriarch or matriarch that unites against outsider threats. When these gatherings happen isolationism and hostility towards the outside world often set in and they form unhealthy cult-like tribes with a siege mentality, warranted or not. God help any mortal or Kindred outsider who happens to wander into their arms. There has even been tales traded among the Ratmen and the Nosferatu that Brothers of the Rat, living together in squalor and darkness find each other in other ways as well. Tales of rat kings where groups of Ratmen meld together in body and mind to slowly grow towards a horrible thing. In fact some travelled Nosferatu have speculate if there isn’t a connection between the Ratmen and the fleshcrafting of the Fiends. Quote: To me death, decay and darkness are the foundations of life and energy for both myself and my living companions. Stereotypes Camarilla Upper Class Sigh, more riffraff to pollute our fair city. Keep them in their place and away from me if you would, officer. Middle Class Damnable, lazy and cowardly they must be forced at every minute to do an honest day’s work and would rather live in the sewer than do an honest day’s work. Lower Class Our unseen brothers in misery Brujah Driven away by the arrogance of greed, we’re standing up for them and will be there to give them a hand and a smile should they come to claim their due and join with us. Nosferatu We are kin and share much the same, I am happy that the vermin will at least keep these brothers of mine company. Sabbat Many of them are despondent but we are the vehicles through which they can find a purpose and revenge
  10. So where do we stand now?

    I'm here, although there's some lack of new activity, but I think that with some advertising and some use more activity here we may well get something going on. We're probably not going to reach the stars but he may climb up a tree. In regards to the new White Wolf I won't cry and bitch untill I see what they release and then I fancy myself pretty open to change and innovation so it will be interesting what setting they will put on the table. At the end of it, I don't think that we'll be playing in a setting all to different from the previous editions. The core of the game will almost certainly be the same with only the meta advanced. And to be honest, I would love to see WoD thrive and rise higher rather than having a fading presence. The new White Wolf has potential to reinvigorate the game and setting and perhaps spread it to new media and more peope, so I hope they'll pull it off.
  11. New Era, New Stories

    All of this is very exicting of course but I won't jump up and down and scream on the hype before it comes into safe harbor. The part with Haigen was a kind of a shock for me though. I hope he gets some quality stuff out although if truth be told Justin Achille (or however it was spellt) was my favorite Vampire developer.
  12. Back from the void

    Thanks! Truth be told I thought that Shadownessence was dead and buried but I see there's life in it.
  13. Back from the void

    Hello! I used to frequent the site in ages past and now I have returned from the void. Looking forward to meet old and new people.
  14. Game of Thrones Series 2

    Martin may have approved it but what I've seen is still so inferior to the show that I can't help of constantly thinking about it. The show may be ok but for me the books will always come first, and I even don't like all the visuals of the show (Lannister uruk-hai/samurai men-at-arms for example...)