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  1. So where do we stand now?

    I'm here, although there's some lack of new activity, but I think that with some advertising and some use more activity here we may well get something going on. We're probably not going to reach the stars but he may climb up a tree. In regards to the new White Wolf I won't cry and bitch untill I see what they release and then I fancy myself pretty open to change and innovation so it will be interesting what setting they will put on the table. At the end of it, I don't think that we'll be playing in a setting all to different from the previous editions. The core of the game will almost certainly be the same with only the meta advanced. And to be honest, I would love to see WoD thrive and rise higher rather than having a fading presence. The new White Wolf has potential to reinvigorate the game and setting and perhaps spread it to new media and more peope, so I hope they'll pull it off.
  2. New Era, New Stories

    All of this is very exicting of course but I won't jump up and down and scream on the hype before it comes into safe harbor. The part with Haigen was a kind of a shock for me though. I hope he gets some quality stuff out although if truth be told Justin Achille (or however it was spellt) was my favorite Vampire developer.
  3. Back from the void

    Thanks! Truth be told I thought that Shadownessence was dead and buried but I see there's life in it.
  4. Back from the void

    Hello! I used to frequent the site in ages past and now I have returned from the void. Looking forward to meet old and new people.
  5. Game of Thrones Series 2

    Martin may have approved it but what I've seen is still so inferior to the show that I can't help of constantly thinking about it. The show may be ok but for me the books will always come first, and I even don't like all the visuals of the show (Lannister uruk-hai/samurai men-at-arms for example...)
  6. Elders campaign

    Remember that while the Elders must, or are adviced to, take a nap once in a while its really don't prevent them from setting up ghouls, Childer and other agents ot ensure that when they wake up they still have some stuff ready for them. That could be a plot point in itself in that the players set things up before they enter torpor so that they will have some power left after they wake up again. Sounds like an ok idea to me. I wouldn't use the term Camarilla to liberally but instead say that the Kindred tend to graviate towards a concentration of power, for good or ill. Sounds ok. Any ideas what the group is because I can see it as both VII, the Strix, Belial's Brood or even something else. I would start them as neonates or younger ancillaes and let them get hold of XP the long way. Otherwise you might give them 100 XP or something to ensure they get some power behind them from the start. I'd run them in a linear fashion with a little twist. That is that when the players wakes up again people will contradict what they experienced in the past era. For example people they thought were dead might be alive in when they wake up, they may be greeted by a Childer none of them ever remember siring and stuff like that. Some players might find that irritating so you should probably check with them first but otherwise I think it could make the awakening from torpor be just as confusing as its supposed to be. No, sorry. Only pick eras for them to be awke in that you have some general info about, and be ready to read up a little about these eras before you get to start on writing stuff down. Lots of work but I think it would be more rewarding than just having some general cliché of those eras.
  7. Game of Thrones Series 2

    I've already read the books so I'll try to avoid the series since I'll only get pissed for all the changes that they've made. Still I'm happy to hear people liked it.
  8. Vampire origin and mythos

    Thanks. I was kind of inspired by Mythologies when making them. I agree entirely and it allows you to give flavor to a setting and give IC explainations for stuff that OOC might just be an "empty" mechanic.
  9. Something I've been pondering for a long time is the question of Vampire mythos for Requiem and what people uses in their games. Now it would be a poor thread if I didn't start with some examples from what I've been writing up for my own games, although most of these are only in the beginning stages. You might notice that I'm mostly using Biblical mythological scenarios and that's because I think that Abrahamatic (spelling?) mythology and stories works so perfectly with Vampire in a way that I don't think that polytheistic traditions or more agnostic occult stuff do. Hence Biblical for my vampire games. These only mentiones the ones I've made for my game and does of course not include the stuff from supplements that I have put into my game along with them. Dark Fathers - the first vampires were the Nephilim who survived the Deluge because even when their bodies died their unnatural existance still didn't die and while their brothers went on as dark spirits five of them remained in their bodies. Mother of Monsters - the five Clans are the children of Lilith with her various lovers, and she used dark magic to circumvent the curse of the angels that her children would die to keep them in half-death for all eternity. Wicked Men - the origional vampires were evil men who were cursed individually for their crimes in the beginning of time Children of Sin - When the five Cities on the Plain were destroy all of their wicked inhabitants were not laid low but a member from each survived, and were in turn Embraced by Lot's wife who was damned into undeath for her defience. I'd love to hear what the rest of you guys might use in your games.