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  1. Gary Gygax has died

  2. Im back again

    I get what you are saying. Take care and best of luck. You are one of the people I really respected here.
  3. Kosovo declares Independence

    Yes, well, Serbia is not allowing Kosovo to declare its independence and the international community has generally, until this incident, chosen not to recognize states who unilaterally declare themselves independent. The fact that the US, Britain, France, Germany and Italy have has resulted in massive violence and rioting in Serbia unlike the last time Kosovo tried this.
  4. Kosovo declares Independence

    The more interesting part of Kosovo declaring independence and the US recognizing it is that the Lakota Sioux Nation is apparently moving in the same direction and have followed the internationally accepted procedures for doing so legitimately.
  5. Would you get this game?

    That would be fucking awesome.
  6. Spreading the Dark Vibe

    Thanks man! You should come up and check it out.
  7. Spreading the Dark Vibe

    I will probably start blogging about my experiences as I go. I really have no clue what the hell I am doing. That doesn't really bother me but it should make for some interesting stories. As for bands, that is down the road. Right now the plan is get a solid night going with DJs. Once we get a solid foundation then we will look at bringing in bands. I know who I would like to see ideally - going from local to bigger - but we will see what the community can bare.
  8. Spreading the Dark Vibe

    Why thank you!
  9. Spreading the Dark Vibe

    Since running LARPs and herding LARPers is not complicated enough I have graduated to promoting a new Dark Alternative music night here in Ottawa. Wish me luck or mock my stupidity. Either way it will be one helluva ride!
  10. "Trained to Kill"

    Krowe, I grew up with a father who is a cop, over a half dozen other relatives on both sides of my family who are cops or have served in the military as well as growing up within 40 minutes of the largest land base in Canada. My personal experience is a great as yours and without training, study it means jack shit. Seriously. My Dad being a cop doesn't make me an expert on anything other than my Dad. That being said I have read a lot about this because this kind of thing interests me. What military training teaches this and the Milgram & Stanford Prison experiments show is that people will act more callously when someone else takes responsibility for the actions and when the victims are defined as "them". This allows people to act inhumanely at the time by dehumanizing their victims which is the exact opposite remaining moral. This may not seem fun in a thrill a minute blood-fest dealing with the inhumanity of war is far more appropriate given the type of stories and games the World of Darkness is designed for. Especially given that the Humanity system already allows for some exceptions. If you really want to run an action game that focuses on killing as a solution you would be better to get rid of the Morality scale all together and just focus on the Virtues and Vices for the moral conflict and abandon hard and fast mechanics that are designed to get around the whole point of the game which is personal horror.
  11. "Trained to Kill"

    Read the book "On Killing" then revisit this. This Merit isn't much better than arm-chair movie psychology. The morality system as written already allows for exceptional circumstances such as defence of life. But to say that becoming desensitized to murder, even an a sanctioned assassination or execution, means that you are losing touch with your humanity not holding onto it through some kind of warped justification.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    And on the date of my birth - Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali fight (Thriller in Manila) - fight what is generally considered the greatest boxing match ever.
  13. Rude Gamers

    Was this a LARP?
  14. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the best wishes!
  15. Politer people?

    No. God no. RPers are some of the most self-entitled, uncompromising, inconsiderate jack-asses that I have ever had the misfortune to meet.