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  1. Can an ex-Inconnu revert?

    Thank you very much.
  2. Can an ex-Inconnu revert?

    Before I was Tuatha, I was Inconnu... I requested to become Tuatha not realising, until I lost Elysium access, that you couldn't be in multiple usergroups. At this point I don't think I'm as good a fit with the Tuatha usergroup. Is it possible for some kind soul to reverse the change?
  3. Mage Cover in Dragon Magazine?

    Zorkmids? I rather wish I had a scanner...
  4. I got my copy of Dragon #334 today, and noticed the Mage: The Awakening advert on p. 17 -- complete, seemingly, with cover. It's almost exactly how I expected it to look, and bloody beautiful at that. Anyone else spot it? I hope it is the proper cover, because that's going to look lovely next to Werewolf.
  5. Exalted sales

    By all means.
  6. Exalted sales

    It's normally really hard to get in the UK (around here, at least), and naturally, White Wolf failed to put up perhaps the most sought-after Quarterly in a long time (for the Mage preview) as a PDF, just when I was starting to hope they were getting into the habit. But Leisure Games managed to get me a copy. The only mention is of an Exalted 2nd Edition T-shirt in... November, I think. But since T-shirts don't have editions, I can only imagine the book will follow, perhaps at the start of next year.
  7. Engel and/or Scarred Lands forums

    Does anyone know of any places on the web with an active Scarred Lands section or English-language Engel area? My interest in these two games has recently been (re)kindled, and one thing I'm interested in doing is converting them both to non-D20 rulesets. I prefer not to do these things in a vacuum, though. I know the WW site has a Scarred Lands forum, but it looks a bit quiet, and there might be a flame war over whether I should write the conversion in Arial or Times New Roman. Cheers!
  8. Hello...

    Welcome! I love that user picture. *grin*
  9. New games for the future

    White Wolf just seem to have a bit of a research deficiency at times. Yeah, some of the tech stuff in their Mage books was pretty bad. There's some rather entertaining material about England in a few of them as well. It's a shame, because they're brilliant at coming up with settings. No contest -- White Wolf games make the world come alive in a way that few RPGs manage. If only they could apply the same diligence that Steve Jackson Games have about research to said settings, I think they could knock the hard SF market for six. As it stands? Well... we'll see... As LostSoul said, it's hard to think of a lot of other things that they haven't already done in one form or another.
  10. The Horror

    Oh, heavens, this is funny. I'm suddenly feeling much better about some of the applications I've had to my games...
  11. Exalted sales

    Much as I love nWoD, I have rather noticed that the people I know just aren't as worked up about it as they were about the oWoD, and many of them still are about Exalted. Wasn't sure if I just happened to have befriended people who aren't excited about nWoD, or if this is a more global phenomenon. Still, with Exalted at a point where all of the books it really needed are out or close to out -- having finished the fatsplats unless they do Infernals, and the Caste and Aspect books one book away from completion -- I was wondering about its future, so high sales can only be a good sign. As can the mention of Exalted 2nd Edition I just saw in the Quarterly today.
  12. V:tR game here on SnE!

    I'm very interested. I'm working on a V:TR Detroit game right now, actually, so I'm doing lots of research on the city. I've played online extensively before, although between back problems and being the appointed ST for my former online group, I haven't been a player for two or three years (so I've never been a player in V:TR). Might be rusty.
  13. The old flaws

    Very, very much the new system. Merits and Flaws were a nightmare for me in the old system; half of them just should not have been there, and the other half were okay but a lot of players never really played them through. Let's take Synaesthesia as an example of Flaws That Should Not Be, as I am a synaesthete and can be properly critical. "Your sensory input is scrambled. Whenever you take in something from one sense, it is proccessed in terms of another sense. So you may smell colors, touch words, or taste sounds. It is hard to think of such stimuli in any other way but how your mind presents it to you." --nabbed from a website as I can't get to my books 'til this evening. Had somebody spent 30 seconds on a synaesthesia website, they'd have discovered that the word itself means "joined senses," not "sense substitution," and that a synaesthete will not experience, say, a song as a taste -- they'll experience a song AND a taste. This is the very definition of synaesthesia as a neurological condition; both senses are stimulated at once. The hearing the song half of the equation is perfectly normal, and the most distressing thing that might occur is having to ask someone to turn off a song that tastes bloody awful. It isn't worth a single freebie point. There are far, far too many examples like that (try telling a Changeling ST that you want to take Changeling Eyes, f'rex...). The new system effectively stamps it out by only offering rewards for Flaws that can be properly role-played and actually prove damaging to the character, and can also prove more rewarding for the character in the long run -- if it crops up a lot, hey, you get a lot more compensation.
  14. New games for the future

    Science fiction. Not like Trinity (although I did love it, back when it had the Storyteller system, but I can also see why it didn't sell). Hard science fiction, completely humanocentric, perhaps with a bit of a post-apocalyptic or cyberpunk flavour. Actually, the latter would be cool, adding a veneer of bickering mega-corporations and paranoia over the usual SF trappings. Less like Shadowrun and CP2020 than Ex Machina and Blue Planet blended with Fading Suns, though. I think the White Wolf knack for cool and innovative settings would be good for that field, although their occasional tendency toward less-than-accurate research might be damaging to a hard SF setting... this'd need SJG's kind of diligence. Running on a slightly altered variant of the Storyteller system like Exalted, though. For the love of [insert applicable deity], no more badly-done D20. I still wonder if Engel might have survived their lack of proper advertising and constantly pushing back release dates had they used the original Arcana system.
  15. Exalted sales

    I noticed the other day that Cult of the Illuminated was at #2 on DriveThruRPG's hottest items a couple of hours after going up, whereas the new Vampire book wasn't even on the list. Perhaps not at all indicative of the game's overall sales figures, but it's nice to see it selling well in at least one format. But yes, I'd be curious as well to know how it's doing, particularly compared to the traditional best seller, Vampire.