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  1. A US SnE Gathering!!

    I never have any experience role playing but I like to learn how to, but I live in Idaho.
  2. Mummy: The Curse.

    I have more of a mixed feeling for this gameline as well, but when I read a nWoD book, I mostly end up being bored and I was never really taken into the game, but what I heard that the nWoD has become a big failure with the whole gothic horror theme.
  3. I felt nice to be part of a wonderful and everlasting forum based on our favorite game world.

    1. Mav


      waves! people that play the games always welcome!

  4. Welcome to The World of Darkness

    Nice to meet a friend an a Classic World of Darkness fan. Your now a friend of mine also. Nice to meet you Rachel.
  5. Welcome to The World of Darkness

    Thanks for the lovely hello Wred. You have a good sence of humour. Nice to see you
  6. Welcome to The World of Darkness

    Hi everyone, and all to the fans of the Classic World of Darkness, I've been a lover of White Wolf games since I first looked at Changeling: The Lost, it so took me in because of it calling beauty. I wanted more so I began to research White Wolf and it other gamelines. It introduce me to the world of RPG's, and I fell in love with the Classic World of Darkness, I've heard of this chat forum when I was spending my time researching The World of Darkness. Nice to now be part of a life time of fans and to be part of a community of lovers of this wonderful mythology that spoke out to us.