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  1. Looking for a moderator

    Thank you!
  2. Looking for a moderator

    Hello moderators, hopefully you can help me: I want the following post by me in this locked thread gone: http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6327&st=80 It contains an e-mail address I intend to use more often, the mail contains part of my real name and I'm drowning in spam. Could you remove the post, so that any possible spiders won't find it next time around? Thanks in advance! -Seeker Ps. I tried to reach some moderators by message, including mortekai, but that didn´t work out.
  3. SnE Members Map

    Leeuwarden, Netherlands!
  4. MrGone needs to take a break?

    Hopefully the treatment will have positive effects so that you're back to sheeting in no time. =) Get well soon!
  5. I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...

    Damn. Very nice collections, all. And you know it. That's why you chose to make a picture of it.
  6. Absinthe drinkers...

    Always mix with water. Always. Furthermore, in most European countries, the original absinth (with wormwood) is illegal and nearly impossible to obtain. There are apparently some East-block countries where true absinth is still made, but getting it would be difficult, to say the least. I don't know any brands which still contain wormwood. There are some brands which still turn into a milky-white substance wihen mixed with sugar and cold water, but most modern 'absinths' don't even manage that any more.
  7. Mortfiles VX - New layout :)

    Looks good. Swedish is fairly easy to understand once I pronounce the words in my head purely phonetically with a linguistic basis in Dutch. I'm amazed that I can read it at all. :|
  8. Spirit of Truth

    The duration is what offends me.
  9. Soft drugs

    Being in the Netherlands, I've done hash, marihuana ans shrooms. Acid is not considered a soft drug over here. Acid and shrooms can be very dangerous and watch out with them (last month, a French girl on shrooms jumped off a bridge, thinking she could fly). Furthermore, marihuana is addictive, whatever the stoners tell you. I never had that problem, since I'm practically immune to the stuff, but keep it in mind.
  10. Did I ever introduce myself?

    I just noticed your post, sorry abouty that. Well, Thule is to me a mythical land, given many names over the ages. Essentially, I 'believe' in the existance of such a land in a metaphorical kind of way, as something to strive for.
  11. I'm not Mr. White Wolf

    1000? That's a dayemn lot.
  12. Eurocon?

    Oh, I was actually referring to you being partially Belgian and me being Frisian.
  13. Come one! Come all!

  14. Eurocon?

    The Netherlands haven't decended into anarchy right? So no, it's not going to be about that. There's a problem though. Both me and Muffle are about as Dutch as a samurai in PJs.
  15. Eurocon?

    Alright. Netherlands. The 'Randstad' (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, etc) should be avoided like the plague, but the downside is that anything outside that area is more difficult to reach (with difficult I mostly mean 'time consuming', although you can cross the entire country in a little over four hours by train). Alcohol, pot, magic mushrooms, all available and much cheaper than anywhere else, I am sure. Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) takes flights from just about everywhere, so that shouldn't be much of a problem, however, I don't really care where a con would be held. I always wanted to visit Scandinavia anyway.