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  1. Is this legal? WoD indexer project

    My thoughts exactly. And Shaoken is right, I've seen a lot of websites replicate a lot of WW info, sometimes word for word, without any sanctions. What I've done in the past is heavily reword/condense things. Yes, it takes the "flair" out out of it and reduces it to nuts and bolts, but it makes for a faster read (especially for a near-complete list of Merits and Flaws!), and isn't out-and-out copyright theft.
  2. :)

    Yup, I've lurked at a few places before signing up, and I agree with you. It's tough to find a place where the majority of the posters are not jerks, trolls, or other unpleasant slang terms. LOL Glad you're enjoying your stay!
  3. Storytelling tips for a noob?

    I work out my beginning, the hook to get the characters in. I then figure out two, three, or more endings that explain the beginning. I then come up with "clue modules", scenes where clues are given that could lead to any of the three endings. After the group has progressed far enough down a certain path, I make the other clues (if they chase them down later or backtrack) into red-herrings or traps. This gives me plent of flexibility, enough clues where the players feel like they're figuring things out and don't feel railroaded (but are still "inside my sandbox", which ultimately helps me keep the game under control.
  4. Hey Damien! Well, as far as setting goes, I think they did an oustanding job. They took all of the major events in Chicago history,and actually found a plausible, coherent way to string it all together with the Kindred Lore they mapped out. The Great Fire was probably the "weakest", and I say that in relative terms, not absolute. I only apply it because they went with "Malkavian did something crazy, go figure!" It had been some years since I read the book (btw, I am going by the Second Edition book, after the attack on Succubus club and the Red Moon issue with the Garou. I don't have any other variations on it.) So if the Secrets/Character section had more ulterior motive for the Great Fire that tied in with the grander schemes, I had forgotten it and did not catch it in my skimming. I was particularly pleased that they didn't twist up the real places. They instead created fictional places, or used just general addresses (of buildings that have frequently changed/hands businesses). This allowed for greater suspension of disbeleif. I thought they did a great job at the "tourist" part of it, they included accurate maps, addresses, and descriptions (some with a slightly darker flare) of all the real locations. As for RP material, I thought it was outstanding. It was absolutely a "structured sandbox" that, if playing with a group that did not have the book to get spoilers from, was setup completely with all the intrigue and mystery you'd need to run campaigns for YEARS with... and only start scratching the surface (especially as the players start discovering opposing groups/objectives/plots... "That seem to be masterminded by the same person?? Noooo, we must have missed something! That can't be right!" ) An ST who might have issues creating intrigue layers essentially would have a step-by-step blueprint, with all the NPCs and everything all spelled out for him. If he does have players that read the book, it can be used as an "instruction manual" on how to create similiar cities of intrigue. And that's what I loved most about it. I'm not a fan of "combat heavy" games. I love mystery, intrigue, socio-political driven games. I love the mental exercise of it all. I think that covers my "general opinion" on the book. If you have any other more specific questions though, please feel free to ask, either about the book, RP in general, my time/knowledge of Chicago... anything. I'm always happy to share!
  5. Hey Cybercat! Thank you for referring me here!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. New forum/Dumb question time. I set up my profile to do Intant alerts when anyone replies to a thread I started, and set it up to "follow" any thread I posted in. I assumed the "follow" was the same as subscribing (and not like, facebook following or something, since I have no such account). Edited - there was a setting I had missed in that long list of checkboxes for notification *types*. So in theory I'll now see when people reply to threads I'm following!
  7. Thanks Drefel! Hey Mav - LOL, yeah, something like that. My Iteration-X was showing, I guess. LOL
  8. I had to think of something other than "hi" for the subject line, so... there you have it. I've been looking around for a fairly strong oWoD community in which most of the people were level headed. I had seen a few were there were too many people who held unswayingly and passionately to opinions, resulting in much trolling or just inane arguments. After lurking around on the oWoD section here, this seems like a pretty good place to be! So I signed up. A little about me: Originally from Chicago, now living in North Carolina. Picked up V:TM during the second edition, Mage during Revised. I've flipped through the other systems just for non-combat NPC building, but can't claim to know those other systems well. So pretty much anything outside of V:TM and Mage... I'm uneducated. I play almost eclusively on IRC, sheets and dice are always a must in my book - though I have nothing against "roleplaying" versus "rollplaying", having the dice there in case anyone contests an action is always a good thing. My preferred type of game is the intrigue/mystery/socio-political games. Combat is fine, but I feel that all storylines/solutions resorting to combat is a sign of not using the setting to it's fullest potential. Besides roleplaying, my hobbies are cars, cooking, computers, and (once upon a time) comic books. For most of my professional life I've worked in some facet of the computer industry, right now I work for a major ISP in their network security/abuse group. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I have full approval from the Men in White.