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    soon to be moving...again
  1. Welcome to The World of Darkness

    hey wolf^^, although i'm rather new to this forum, too, i am so free as to welcome you anyway... :-) - i'm one of the other classic wod fans and mostly into werewolf, t.a. (also played a little vampire. t.m. and am interested in the other gamelines, but currently don't have the time to get into them... :-( ).
  2. The Avengers (Assemble grrrr)

    i agree! :-) (but don't get me started on thor looking like a beach boy...^^)
  3. Konban ha

    *throwing dice at him!!*^^ - no no, just kidding. :-) welcome, friend. nice to see you here. and i'll see you again soon, i suppose, in a different shape, as we dearly miss the leader of the pack!
  4. Yet another new guy

    black cowl: i teach grammar school (that's 10 to 18-year-olds), english, german, philosophy and a little maths. at the moment everything is about preparing A-level finals... half the school seems to be going crazy - teachers included^^
  5. Yet another new guy

    hello! from one teacher to another ;-) rachel