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  1. Introducing the Dead Gamers Society

    Im very happy to be on board as one of the Vampire Conclave ST's. This is probably one of the best gaming groups I've been a part of, and its fully dedicated to my favorite system. Come check it out if you are in the SoCal area
  2. Is this legal? WoD indexer project

    How do you 'Dark Pack' your site?
  3. Werewolf fiction

    Anyone who has read Patricia Briggs' Alpha & Omega series?
  4. Vampire Children

    You raise some good points dear Ernest. For those who watch the BBC show Being Human the child vampire Adam Jacobs ultimately accepts his state and does mature psychologically, even developing romantic relationships with women. In VtR I dont think that this psychological stage maturity occurs.
  5. Werewolf fiction

    Im currently reading Wolf Gift by Anne Rice, quite good actually. Im also looking for suggetions on other werewolf fiction. Im considering picking up Patricia Briggs and Kelly Armstrong, but was curious what you all thought of these or any suggestions. Its really too bad that WW is no longer producing fiction work.
  6. Is this legal? WoD indexer project

    I would be very much interested if you are willing to share it, for free of course
  7. Strange, Dead Love

    Very good read, definitely worth picking up if you plan a chronicle that explores themes of love, romantic attachments and Twilight-esque escapades
  8. Mummy: The Curse.

    Im highly anticipating this. I've played both the first edition and the revised. By the sounds of the title they are brining the horror elements back to the game (as they did with Changeling the Lost, which before was just WOD Fantasy). Things I would like to see: More horror Playing up the curse of immortality less Geist More Egyptian style mummies (not Andean) Mummy sorcery (like what we see in the film 'The Mummy') Imhotep
  9. Vampire Vilicus Greets the Neonates

    Thank you, it is sure nice to feel welcomed. Glad to be part of this great virtual community
  10. Sex in the City

    Almost every modern representation of the vampire is depicted as a sexual being. I see no problems with this in Requiem. Now we finally have detailed rules with SDL, which make for ideal solo chronicles. Being a big fan of True Blood and Being Human I really like that vampires in popular culture are still 'getting in on'
  11. Salutations

    Thank you gentlemen, it is a supreme pleasure to be part of this society of like minds.
  12. Vampire Children

    This is even better covered in the novel "Let the Right One In." and the film by the same name
  13. Salutations

    Hi everyone, Im new here, just quick introduction. Im huge fan and player/ST for WOD games. Looking to meet like minded, friendly, supporting fellow fans. R