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  1. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    Yep. Bought the PDF, and it seems totally worth it for STs... For people doing PCs in that setting, the rules update PDF (which is free) is all you need...
  2. Blood And Smoke - The Strix Chronicle

    After what I've read with God Machine, I can't wait for Blood and Smoke... Haven't read much of anything other than the new Humanity rules so far, didn't think to look for the devblogs... Any chance of a link to them in here?
  3. Mummy: the Curse Core Rulebook

    I bought the virtual box set, read a bit of the player's guide, then got distracted from it hardcore when God Machine came out... To be honest, what I read so far of Mummy didn't make my heart go pitter-patter, just not feeling the line at this point. YMMV, of course.
  4. The SnE Memebase!

    Kittens of Darkness was great. I downloaded the whole thing for rotating wallpaper on my computer...
  5. The Precusor of Mage: The Awakening

    Never had a chance to play Ascension TT... But had the opportunity in 2 different IRC games, one of which I wound up being the Mage ST for... Hoping to get an Awakening TT game going in the near future... Still fondly remember my Euthanatos using a .45 Magnum for his Forces foci... "Oh, I only use incendiary rounds"...
  6. character builder

    I haven't looked for them in a while to see if there are any updates, but I have 2 char gen progs on my computer... Vault of Darkness and WOD Toolkit... Not loading them up right now to see which was better but I remember at least one of them was able to do almost anything imaginable... And I believe they were both freeware...
  7. Dexter

    I would, but I work Sundays 3:30 PM to Midnight. Plus don't want to pay for Showtime for 1 show which I can watch a bit later on Netflix... When the season starts and the episodes are available on NF, I might... Or were you meaning more of a review of the first 5 seasons than "We liked this season, that season didn't do much for us"?
  8. Dexter

    For my wife and me, we liked Season 1 the best... Season 2 wasn't bad... Season 3 was just ok.... Season 4 was decent... And season 5 was, in our opinion, best since season 1... If we didn't work Sunday nights, we'd consider getting Showtime and watch the broadcast of season 6...