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  1. Changing breeds

    Ok First off I like WtF. I also enjoyed WtA. I am sort of disheartened by the new changing breed books. There is a lot of useful things in it I just don't see how the developers got to certain points. Why are certain breeds so much powerful than others? Such as any of the winged folk. Why is there war from better physically than the pack or the Royal apes? Can you honestly tell me that a were eagle is stronger than a were gorilla, or a were buffalo? You would think that being birds would make them very dexterous, but not really. My main beef was with the royal apes in general. Any thoughts?
  2. The Shartha

    Roaches are definitely the most creepy and i have a soft spot for snakes
  3. Introduction.

    Hi guys I googled and found this place. seems pretty cool