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  1. No problem, I like helping others and giving new ideas. :)

  2. whats up with the chatroom?

    I am still getting the same message that the chat room is filled and i cant enter
  3. Thanks for taking the time to discuss with me.

  4. Hasten the Night

  5. transcend into Shadownessence

    No, I assure you, I am no neoante. I have been studying the ways of the masquerade for some years now and I have done extensive research long before V20. As I wrote I even have the clan books and clan novels. I am only new to this site now only due to the fact that I am in search of answers on some of my favorite clans, the tzimisce, the lasombra, the harbinger of skulls, and the antitribu malkavians
  6. transcend into Shadownessence

    Hello, my name is Deadalux and I've come here in search of knowledge on the vampires and clans of Vampire the masquerade. It is difficult to find others who even remotely know of this game. I've read all of the clanbooks and all of the books on the dark ages, dark secrets, thaumatergy, necromancy, companion books, clan novels, and such, so I have an extensive understanding of the game. However, Since this is a game and an art form, I am not sure of how these vampires would actually act in the world, or how they would go about deciding new childer or how to embrace. I have read the vague descriptions given, but does it always have to be so black and white? I don't really like how some one's social status, and upbringing would decide what clan they got into. I think it should be more on personality, choices, accomplishments, and mind set that determines what powers you get. However, the most brilliant part of the game is that even if you don't like the clan you're in, you can always go off an learn the other disciplines, at your own risk. I myself am learning abyss msyticism and I'd like to come up with new rituals and forms of koldunic sorcery to use in game and in practical combat and research.
  7. Basically new!

    Welcome !