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  1. Claw Vs Bite

    Alright then, when given the option, biting is the way to go. Makes sense, though, given that wolves don't claw at their prey (wolves don't have sharp claws), that a werewolf's best attack would be biting. Thanks!
  2. Claw Vs Bite

    I am well aware that it's a storytelling game, and I more than welcome variety on my fights, but the players are the ones who choose which attack to perform. That's why I'd like to better understand the options the game gives them so that I can explain this to them and they get to decide what to do. So, to sum it up, as per game mechanics there is no difference other than biting something nasty?
  3. Claw Vs Bite

    Hi all! I'm running my first WtF story, which is also my first experience as a Storyteller, and I have a doubt regarding these two kinds of attacks. Both on the WtF book and the character sheet we can see that while on Gauru form the Bite attack has a (+2) modifier and Claws have (+1). My question woud be basically why would anyone ever use Claws instead of Bite? Is there some other benefit that I'm missing? Thanks in advance!