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  1. Wasn't sure where to put this since there isn't a specific spot for changing breeds sooo... Ok so I am trying to make a Panther...it says I get Fang and Claw 2L, Keen Senses(all), and Catwalk. Does that mean that I have to put the 3 dots into 1 of these? Or does favors 3 mean I get these 3 for free? And if so how am I supposed to know what dot ranking they are? If I don't put any in Fang and Claw does that mean I don't have claws? If I don't put any in keen senses do I not have keen senses? And what about catwalk? Does it not apply? I am totally confused. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I've got my feet wet in the water of role playing...only about 2 years now. We've been playing a lot of WoD recently...and it seems to me that in a situation where you and your pack are outnumbered my Rahu seems a little gimpy. He is awesome in 1 vs 1...but that doesn't usually happen. Now, maybe it's supposed to be that way so you rely on your pack more...but it's a crossover game and I am the only one who really loves Forsaken. So I tried to invent a fighting style based on the rage/bestiality all werewolves possess. I tried to make it very useful, but not overpowered. What are your thoughts on it? Constructive criticism is welcome, but please be nice Unleash the Beast(Fighting style only useable by werewolves. It is useable in Primal, Gauru, and Urshul forms unless Partial Change is known to the character, if 5th dot is purchased, this fighting style is ingrained enough into the werewolf that he automatically uses it in Kuruth) Prerequisites: Strength: **** Dexterity: *** Brawl: ***** * Bestial Fangs and Claws: Because of how much primal fighting he has done, the werewolf's claws and teeth have grown larger, sharper, and more durable than most werewolves'. Claw attacks do 2L and Bite attacks do 3L. ** Awareness of the Beast: After and before an attack is made, the werewolf always crouches low to the ground presenting the smallest possible target and ready to move quickly should he be attacked from range. He is instinctually aware that ranged attacks are his biggest weakness, so he is constantly on the lookout. Character can now apply defense to ranged attacks. *** Instinctual Onslaught: The werewolf knows the areas on an opponent that are the most painful to attack and instinctually attacks those places. All brawl rolls gain 9 again. **** Whirlwind of Claws: Werewolf tears with his claws so quickly and with such ferocity, that he can attack more than one opponent. With the expenditure of one Willpower point or one Essence point, the werewolf is able to attack a number of opponents equal to his dexterity -1 in his turn. Each successive attack is at a -1 penalty. ***** Gouging Claws: Whenever a werewolf successfully grapples or gets grappled by a target, he does automatic damage per turn because of his claws gouging the opponent. Damage is equal to 1/2 his strength(round down) +2L(Claw). If the opponent is wearing armor, subtract the armor rating from the damage unless the werewolf has used Iron Rending, in which case the gift allows the damage to ignore 1 point of armor per success on the gift activation as per the gift description. Savage Rending gift also applies.
  3. Thanks for the input! 1. Hmmm, that's a good idea. I could make it so the characters teeth look like they do in Dalu even when in Hishu while his nails are unnaturally long and sharp, and when in Dalu the character's teeth are so big that he can't completely hide them even by closing his mouth. 2. I love that idea, I honestly wasn't satisfied with this one at all because I didn't think it gave enough reason for the applied defense. With your idea that makes it perfect! 3. What I wanted to achieve with this one was giving the werewolf that extra edge of destruction when fighting in close quarters, so I wanted it to be a passive ability. It's supposed to be for werewolves who fight only with their natural weaponry which makes them at a bit of a disadvantage against those who fight with large swords and klaives that get the 9 again rule. With this they are still at a disadvantage because of the equipment bonus but it makes them able to hold their own. Do you have any ideas how to achieve this result in a different way? I am open to suggestions. 4. I was thinking just willpower at first, but then it came to my mind that he might be fighting many, many opponents. In which case it is much easier to run out of WP than Essence if you have a lot of PU. I'll have to think about this one, I'll talk to my ST about it and see what he wants to go with. 5. Thanks