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  1. Forces and Matter

    That's great stuff guys. Thanks. I'll try it out and see how it goes. Keep it coming guys.
  2. Forces and Matter

    I think you misunderstood what I was getting at. I know that prime is pretty damn cool (I'll probably specialize in it next game), I just have one dot in it so it's not useful as of yet. I also know the difference between vulgar and covert magic. I was just looking for interesting ways to use spells I already have. In the major/difficult battles we're in, we're not terribly worried about paradox because either we're not among sleepers/in the real world or someone has done something to eliminate paradox in an area. In that kind of setting, where you can let loose and not worry about subtlety, what do you recommend? What kind of preparations should I make? For example, our group was recently battling a seer mage who was master of mind, spirit, and life with 7 gnosis. It was a really hard battle where most of us almost died. What weapons would have been particularly useful in my arsenal? What I ended up doing was throwing him off a rooftop by controlling gravity and throwing lightning bolts at him while our prime mage was trying to counter him. I felt that was a kind of brutish and dumb way to fight him. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Forces and Matter

    Hi all, I'm currently in my first game of Mage. I've mostly been working on spending points in getting up my Forces and Matter arcana as an Obrimos. Now I'm looking for really interesting/powerful/efficient applications of existing spells to make my pursuit of knowledge turn a profit. What is particularly useful in battle? Out of battle? What rotes are really worth getting? What have you done with Force or Matter spells that was really memorable? Let me know if this brings anything to mind. FYI my legacy is celestial masters and I'm gnosis 4 with 5 dots in matter and forces (and 1 in prime, but I doubt that matters much). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Hello All

    Hi all I've played a brief campaign of H:tV and am currently in a game of M:tA. My name is Jesse and it is nice to meet you.