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  1. Fights of werewolf

    I have few question about werewolves powers. They positioned like a powerfull linage. But, werewolves: 1)Unorganized/ 2)Have a very little time for Gauru-form. 3)Don't have a normal soc. gifts. 4)They don't have a good fight-abilityes.
  2. Fights of werewolf

    OK, but vampires hitmans isn't only Gangrel. Daeva with Selerety and Potens may be more dangerous. But it don't matter.What werewolves can use against different mindcontrol-abilllityes?
  3. Fights of werewolf

    Why not? Soldier mast not be stupid. If Blood talon can use tactic, why Gangrel can't?
  4. Fights of werewolf

    But Gangrel and Obrimos can think tactically too. In direct combat they are stronger then werewolf. And if they will use their head, werewolf will have no chance.
  5. Fights of werewolf

    Thanks! But not only social and mental. What will wer do (even he is Rahu of Blood talons or Hunters-in-Darkness) when some Gangrel with 3rd Protean or mage-Obrimus from Adamantine errow attaks him?