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  1. Sales targets for 5e

    Well. At this point, rumor on the grapevine is that they're not going to be touching anymore publications themselves.
  3. C20 Kithbook Boggans

    Finally. It's been quite the wait for a Kithbook on the Boggan.
  4. C20 Book of Freeholds

    !!!!!!!! WANT!!!!!!
  5. Changeling the Streaming

    Come say hello. I'm waltzing around in there under my more modern moniker, KungFuFenris. It's an amazing little chronicle, with people giving some amazing performances. Three out of four players are actors, the last one is a stage manager. Every sunday at 06:00PM EDT
  6. Chapter 2 - Mexico and Belize

    Not necessarily. Take your time, unless you really want to show off that amazing work.
  7. Just wanted to drop a link to this amazing podcast that got me thinking about Changeling in a lot of different ways that I usually did. (Link in the image.) These guys have an amazing perspective, and often manages to draw in a lot of the different voices that makes CtD such a great game. As well as offering places to improve, and discussions where one can draw some amazing story ideas. Give them a listen :-)
  8. Well. Before even getting the damn book, I decided to take the new stuff for a spin. And this resulted in me trying to make the Changeling campaign I always wanted to make. A campaign about heroism in the face of oncoming Autumn. About community. And about the oppression that a lot of people exchange for safety. It's called "Concordia has Fallen". And if we ever manage to get some more sessions, the title will be explained. https://thenarrativeexploration.wordpress.com/2018/02/18/ctd-concordia-has-fallen-s1e01/
  9. Exalted 3rd ed

    And we got Dragonblooded on Kickstarter. I'm excited...
  10. We're back? Awesome.

    Yeah. We're back. I was considering notifiying you on FB, but I couldn't remember if you were actually a part of this site back in the days.
  11. Growls-at-the-Moon

  12. Chapter 2 - Mexico and Belize

    Yeah, this is kinda amazing. I'll be trying to get my players sent to the lands of the south in a while.
  13. And so we return again

    Thx boss. It's been a while, and I'm so thrilled to see this place up and running again.
  14. So where do we stand now?

    Yeah. Agreed in that it's good that we got this place back. Especially as there seems to be a new resurgence in WW lines, even in other media. In regards to NuWW? I know quite a few of the people involved in the company, so I'm not anywhere near objective. But they're dedicated to doing good work, although a lot of their ideas are not all that compatible with the current outrage culture that is pretty prevalent these days. Also. They made some HORRIBLE mistakes, but as far as I can see, they're trying to avoid falling into more pittraps.
  15. is amazed at the quality of the site. Top work boys 'n girls.