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  1. Happy Birthday with a Danse Macabre book! Nice

  2. Storytelling tips for a noob?

    Also check out my website: Pete's rpgtips. I have a lot of tips in the form of articles to read!
  3. Ghouls

    I had a player who turned a raven into a ghoul in a requiem game. Unfortunately the bird didn't last long but provided vital information as it followed a player around. I place a high importance on ghouls on my games. They are usually those that do all the wondering during day time and are also sort of the first victims in any conflict. In one instance the players kidnapped a Primogen's ghoul to blame another Primogen who tends to own gangs. They are vital to a vampire since they provide a constant food source and protection along with errandboys etc. So yeah I do place high importance on them.
  4. World of Darkness Noir

    Ill do my research when it comes to that. Right now I'm torn over picking a city. I'm in between L.A, Boston, New York or Chicago. My players loved the idea of a gang war and all of them are interested. They are about ten so I was thinking about making a huge campaign map, dividing the players into factions and do sessions separately until conflict arises. Boy do I have my work cut out for me!
  5. World of Darkness Noir

    I was wondering about something. Were burlesque club open at that time?
  6. World of Darkness Noir

    Is the Mage PDF actually worth it? I just checked it online and I am thinking about it. The thing is I was considering a mortal game where gangster rivalries involve supernatural beings fighting for territory. So in a way the players are caught in a supernatural territorial war without them knowing. Also what can be classified as noir? Is it the 40-50s? the 20-30s? Or both. Of course the noir feeling can be transferred into any modern period but I want to play close to that time period.
  7. World of Darkness Noir

    So has anyone ever considered running a World of Darkness Noir chronicle? I was preparing for a new chronicle when this idea came to mind. I started to ponder with the idea and scrambled a few notes. I know that Danse Macabre tackles with the Vampire Noir but I haven't gotten my hands around that yet. Any ideas that might help?
  8. Dark Ages in the nWoD

    I don't think it will be really hard to do with the new vampire translation guide and mirrors. However I do feel that the feeling of the two books is completely different since oWOD Dark Ages focuses more on a global scale with the nWOD is more focused on local politics, though with a few tweeks it can be changed.
  9. Changeling References

    I don't know if anyone has posted this again but Within Temptation are releasing a short story/comic series in their music videos. I think faster is changeling themed in many ways although it does conflict with vampire themes The second video is more vampire oriented although they are worth a shot. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRcqrBrZnDM&feature=relmfu http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGdzgcDllYE&feature=relmfu
  10. Politics Checklist

    Fair point but for some vampires, their domain and blood are so secure(or so they think) that they turn their attention elsewhere. Also don't forget that some vampires might be obsessed with something that they may be willing to use all their political might to achieve it. For example a vampire who's illegal childe has been executed by the Prince will be obsessed with killing the Prince instead of trying to protect her domain. I find this sort of characters useful to adding flavor in a political game. Sure the main struggles are for domain but an obsessed vampire with nothing to lose and no way to be threatened, can turn the tide of events towards a different outcome.
  11. Greetings

    Thank you all!
  12. Greetings

    Hello there. I am Moonhowler and I am a huge role-playing fan. I mostly play WOD but I have started expanding to Savage Worlds and Heroquest too. I hail from the small island of Cyprus so rpg groups are hard to find but I try to play as much as possible. Just wanted to say hi and Ill be seeing you around.
  13. What Covenant runs your city?

    Ordo Dracul runs my city, which is Nicosia, although their grip is not so solid. Circle of the crone refuses to obey any orders from the Prince and have taken a small area for themselves while the Carthians actually have more influence than shown!