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  1. Röma Nâim Ârt

    Very nice artwork, I really think you have quite the talent for it! Vlad
  2. I'm hanging out with a bunch of SCA guys today, wait'll I grab my rattan and whack 'em a few times-they won't be so cocky then haha X-D

    1. Vladistaus Rancor

      Vladistaus Rancor

      just kidding- they are really nice guys. HERE'S TO LARP/SCA!

  3. me

    Looking foward to the LARP scenes by White-Wolf, anyone know when/where the next meetings for LARP will be? Thanks to those that have welcomed this corrupted one to the forums.
  4. got shot in the head with a LARP bow.....really p*ssed me off......

  5. me

    I'm Vladistaus, a guy new to the LARP world, but not new when it comes to hitting things. I am around 20 years of age, with a great attitude, sense of fun, and a love for anything martial. Other than that, I guess you will need to chat with me to learn more LOL ;-) Vlad