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  1. The game of go

    0.o ? How do you fill up the board? You *are* supposed to stop on an agreement that nothing else can be done, and that's usually before the board is full
  2. Culte des Etrangers

    Read that as part of the curriculum when I was ~13 I think, in France. I'm outraged that The Outsider can be seen as "cool". That's not what the book is about and that wasn't the aim of the book. The guy who wrote this should be shot repeatedly with plastic pellets or made to submit to various chinese tortures. Agreed, the book is about not fitting in. The only impression which can come out of reading this book, however, is "Where's the nearest gun, I need to shoot myself." It's a true monument to depression and to the lowest mental states of mankind. As with most/all french-originating artwork, it should be taken on at least the second degree, if not the third. UGH! I want to slap the idiot who wrote this. IT'S ABOUT A MAN AWAITING TRIAL FOR MURDER! What about this is cool? It's about completely breaking the laws of society because you live too far away from it. URGH.
  3. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    sandchigger : oops! I have about 150 modules active. Many of them are random forest encounters. One of them (I think it's active) is a meeting with a Sicilian, a la Princess Bride.
  4. The game of go

    Krieg : watch out though, it's a "coming-of-age" story like all others. It just happens to be set in the world of go (I read it. I like it. It's neat). Fun fact about Hikaru no Go : all the games you see in there are indeed professional games which have been played IRL, they haven't been made up. Jahanjahan : sounds like your father-in-law is a rather skilled player! Darklight : there is no such thing as a flash of insight in go, unless you happen to be a go genius (in which you should drop everything you're doing, study go for two years, then become a professional and play go for the rest of your life -- hopefully making some kind of revolution in the way people think about go. A go proverb says, "Lose your first 50 games as quickly as possible", because it takes about that long (well, about 10-20 games, I'd say) to understand how it all comes together (and then a lifetime). Muffle : you can follow the links I gave you ;-) For real-time gaming I'm sure we can do something on KGS, but otherwise I'm guessing my little turn-based server will work just fine.
  5. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    Awesome.. Older people! Since I'm a young'un, any suggestions or ideas for modules or things which you feel you really want to have in the game are welcome! Unsurprisingly, you can send a YOM to Trevoke.. As far as marrying Violet/Seth, I've just.. I have a bug in the system and it's not available for now. Sorry.
  6. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    LH is bitching but he already registered :-) And sandchigger is right. This is an addiction that you can only feed so much. Right now there are 4 game days per calendar day because a lot of players like that, but I've been toying with the thought of decrementing it a bit.
  7. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    Well, you could be on at the same time, but there were a few limitations.
  8. So.. Kuro?

    I will drink coffee. No coffee is the little death which brings total obliteration. I will face the coffee. I will allow it to pass over me and through me ....
  9. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    Lost_Heretic : it's not a MUD. Not even *close*. It's much better.
  10. The game of go

    OMG! INTRODUCE ME TO HER! ... What rank is she? I'm sure I could learn so much from her.
  11. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    Yeah, it works for some people and not for others. If nothing else, it can end up being a nice place to socialize with varied people:)
  12. The game of go

    Go is the oldest board game still played today; it is ~3 to 4,000 years old. It originated in China and, like many things, spread to Japan where it became very important and enjoyed an incredible growth in playing strategy. It's a two-player game played on a 19-x19 grid. One player has white stones, the other has black, and black begins. The stones are placed on the intersections of the grid, and the ultimate goal is to control more territory than your opponent. According to the Japanese rulesystem, this means empty territory surrounded by your stones (and the edge if applicable), to which are added the stones that have been captured. Once a stone is placed on the board, it can't be moved but it can be captured. It is a game of visual pattern recognition and skills at reading moves ahead. While the rules are quite simple, the game itself is many times more complex than chess. The best interactive tutorial / introduction that I've found so far is at http://playgo.to/interactive I have a turn-based server with a few players at http://trevoke.ath.cx/ (you'll see the link easily). The source code for that is taken from www.dragongoserver.net which is of course much bigger. If you want real-time play, you can try on Yahoo (not recommended because there is no real community) or download the KGS client at http://kgs.kiseido.com/ A community was recently founded, http://www.godiscussions.com/ and the forum is an excellent place which gathers many good minds (and the atmosphere is very pleasant). I recommend it for any questions you may have if you become interested A few extra notes: - Professional go players today can make as much as $1,000,000 per year. - There are more potential go games than there exist atoms in the universe. It's been said, and it is probably true, that no game has been played twice. - While chess games can end in ~40 moves, go games go on for much longer, to 200-300 moves. - What happens on a go board is very, very similar to war and should be approached with the same mindset. - Playing a game of go is quite akin to looking for the balance between the two players at the same time as the balance between stones and emptiness on the board. - If you do start playing the game, remember : life and death is very important - and a group is only alive if it has two true eyes!
  13. Legend of the Green Dragon!

    Hey everyone! Oof.. I haven't been here in forever and I only come back to pimp two games. How sad is that? Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of an old BBS game, Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD for short). It has a PHP front-end and a mySQL back-end (not that any of you care), it's a free-turn-based RPG in which the goal is to kill the Green Dragon. If that were it, the game would be pretty boring. There is also PvP (which you can enable or disable for your character per dragon kill), a fun playerbase and a whole lot of modules which make the game fun and kind of random to play out. I haven't even mentioned the battles which have funny messages! And I nearly forgot : I'm the admin (yeah, duh, it's my webspace!) So, without further ado, here's your link : http://trevoke.ath.cx/lotgd/ I hope to see some of you there... And don't worry about not liking it : characters get destroyed after ~3 months of inactivity so you have time to make up your mind and give it up. Just come on in, join up and try it out! I hope to see at least some of you there.
  14. Hello Kitty meets Cthulhu

  15. BLAST!

    Not to piss on the cake or anything, but I'm pretty sure that Evil Dad has Good Reasons to do this, and they're probably related to a need for AstraKiseki to study.