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  1. Weres but not wolves?

    I believe part of the issue W:tF has is it's a game of savage and personal horror. You're a wolf in lamb's clothing, but you're not really a wolf at all -- you're something far more deadly and vicious. You're not half-animal at all as one of the Uratha; you're half-spirit. And from what I can pick up about Father Wolf, that spirit-half of yours is descended from a brutal spirit of the Hunt (personal theory, here). The only connection you've got with wolves is that Father Wolf took on that shape and it was passed on to you via the bloodlines. Forsaken deals with the human and spirit parts moreso than the wolf part because that's what the focus on the gameline is about. Though, as a Storyteller, I'm more than happy when my players use their heightening primal urge as a yardstick for how much the beastial-spirit half of them is influencing them I actually don't mind Changing Breeds, it gives the potential for Werewolves who are actually half-man, half-wolf, and for them -- I'd so abuse the behaviors of a wolf for a character, while lessening the impact of the Spirit World on them. Two different gamelines focusing on two different aspects of the same monster-splat. ~~ Uratha don't take the shape of dogs because they're not dogs -- or really wolves. I'd even go as far as saying Uratha are an evolved form of Host, really. As for nWoD being North American focused, it's probably because the company's situation here and the bigest chunk of their playerbase is the average North American schmuck. It's easier to connect with your playerbase when your themes, conflicts, and story ideas all stem from close to home. The wider and more general you try to aim, you risk watering down your product to make it matter to a broader consumer base.