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  1. Endorphins YAY!!!! hmmm Would an Endolphin be a well-being mammal? Endolphins, the oceanic Opiate! I dont know where my brain is going with this.....

  2. bonjourno, howdy.....hi

    hmmmm a glamour vitae smoothie. That'll go nicely with M&M&N's. They are like M&Ms but are the Malkavian Madness Network treats. Mmm yummy, the chocolate treat that melts in your mind and not in your mouth. :thumbsup cheers folks
  3. bonjourno, howdy.....hi

    Thanks Mav-Tastic I apologise for the lateness of my reply but I got distracted by something really big and shiney....after all that itturned out it was just the moon and all it had there was a flag, a US flag. Guess that proves that old whats his face...Stretch Armstrong.... was there after all.
  4. bonjourno, howdy.....hi

    How do folks? I'm Poncho you mightve seen me about other white wolf places or not i'm into oWoD big on Vamp and Were and there little nrothers and crazy little relatives like cousin Dark ages and step brother Wild West dabbled a bit in Mage, Hunter and Demon the fallen also recently started RP'ing with other WoD fans online....its a bit different so hows y'all?