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  1. Donor Treat!

    Finally got around to trying it, and I must say... I was causing some real Death by Chopalot.
  2. Shadownessence 2006 Discussion

    You know, if 100 users donated a mere $1 a month, then the server is taken care of for the month. Repeat 11 times, and we're good for a year. And with the amount of support shown here, I'm sure some users would be fine with donating more than $1, so there'd actually be a surplus of funds.
  3. US Coinage News

    I think Libra was kidding when he said that.
  4. One Hundred Years Old

    Wow, he's completely coherent. And right, too. If LSD wasn't used as a recreational drug, and therefore banned from the ensuing deaths, then it may have found a place among psychological-disorder treatment.
  5. Gone for a Bit

    Have fun!
  6. AGOT finally hits the map!

    The one thing I have to say here; don't be put off just because it's d20. The game should influence your decision more than mechanics, as mechanics can be altered or ignored to fit the story. The game is perfect for a good ST to weave an elaborate tale, and the rules do little to hinder that. Yeah, if I'm not mistaken, both Lost_Heretic's and Transmutable's avatars are from the d20 rulebook, along with mine. I really liked Jaime's pose here... Yeah, makes sense. Most people don't associate the WoD with AGOT, so I suppose traffic would be slow as well, at least for awhile. There are, um, a few connections...direwolves, Uratha, wights, Wraiths? Don't worry, I'm only kidding. Maybe it'll be one of those surprise gifts.
  7. Hey guys {and gals}

    Vampires need attention too! Don't be afraid, it only hurts for a second. Welcome.
  8. AGOT finally hits the map!

    Well, let's not count the undead horror completely out. A Night's Watch game run at Castle Black, or beyond the Wall, could easily entail undead wights rising from the dead and tearing faces off. Good ol' Jafer Flowers... I'm sure there's a few people who haven't been accounted for here. And there are potentially people being inspired to read the series too.
  9. Oh! My! God!

    It enlarges when certain types of Epstein-Barr virus are present in your blood, such as mononucleosis. Really a pain for those with heavy contact in their lives, as it can rupture. That's all I know.
  10. AGOT finally hits the map!

    I quite like it. The designers were able to integrate the ideas of influence and blackmail wonderfully into the game system. While it is d20, a few changes have been made to set it apart from the standard DnD rules that are often associated with the term "d20". True to real life, combat in AGOT is very deadly. A new mechanic, "Shock Value", will make combatmongers think twice before wading into the newest conflict. Along with the Influence system, and the backstory created by Martin in the novels (which the core rulebook dedicates quite a number of pages to) make the game oh-so-realistic and dark. Plus, the art is pretty cool. Yeah, so I'm obviously a proponent of the game and novels, and wish to see others opinions of the game/novels. Could AGOT possibly get a subforum or such on SnE?
  11. AGOT finally hits the map!

    Have you managed to thumb through the d20 game, Lost_Heretic? What do you think of it?
  12. The Metaquiz

    ...Interesting. I went back, had a change of heart, and came out with the irony result too.
  13. AGOT finally hits the map!

    Not to mention the sheer amount of political intrigue in the novels, and the Influence/Reputation system designed to convey that atmosphere. It really is a dark setting, with a different kind of horror. Sub-forum, hm? That probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Oh, and Transmutable, I like the Arya avatar.
  14. Book production

    My hardcovers are beautiful and my softcovers are fine, albeit a few scratches on the surfaces of both types. Of course, their near-mint condition might be due to my strange fear to grip, jostle, or otherwise excessively touch them...
  15. AGOT finally hits the map!

    For those of us who have read George R.R. Martin's stunning series A Song of Ice and Fire, WW's release of the A Game of Thrones d20 RP is quite exciting. I have long been an avid fan of ASOIAF, delighting in the books and reveling in the beautiful storyline. And now I can't wait to play the game. I'm already in the process of organizing a game with an old group of fellow fans of the series, and any new players who want to participate. The release of the fourth book in the series, coupled with the game, got me awfully giddy. I began craving discussion of the political intrigue and awesome storyline with fellow fans, as well as see people host their own games and storylines. Basically, is there any way to work in AGOT gameline representation into SnE? It doesn't use the storytelling system apparent in the WoD, but it's a WW game nonetheless. Oh, and if you're a ASOIAF reader, say so...and if you're not, then what're you waiting for?