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  1. Everything went better than expected. Or so I'm led to believe. There is, after all, no war with the dragons, and they didn't want someone's literal head on a platter, so that's a plus, right?

  2. Sad pandas everywhere - they killed my dragon.

  3. Obama's 2nd Term

    Yes, Zero, red is the Republican color, blue represents Democrats, at least as far as polling maps and such go. ^^
  4. Obama's 2nd Term

    I'm personally quite enthused about the states that elected to legalize gay marriage, or similarly declined to ban gay marriage. I'm not gay/bi/whathaveyou, but I know several people who are, and I am very much for equality of marriage, so that was happy-making for me. As for Obama's re-election, I'm not very political, though I was rather concerned with a number of things Republicans in general have been proposing and supporting over the last few years, and with a Republican majority in the House, having a democratic president is a slight breath of relief, though more comfort was established when the Senate ended up leaning a little more on the Democrat side. Personal opinions on the two presidential candidates aside, the race was extremely close! Romney had the popular vote for the majority of the night, even though Obama had a fair lead on electoral votes. My understanding is that both candidates were so confident they would win that Romney didn't have a concession speech prepared, only a victory speech. It was definitely a close election. As for what happens over the next four years? I really don't know what to think; some things Obama's administration did/approved weren't to my liking, and the state of the economy is still something to watch closely, but you have to take the bad with the good, right? My personal opinion is that we'll get a better idea of the 'change' Obama promised during his campaign four years ago during the second term, because much of the first term for any president is usually trying to undo/correct/repair things done by the administration prior. Am I surprised Obama won? Not quite - two terms is usually pretty par for the course, looking at history; I think largely because people are more comfortable with a known risk like someone who spent a term in office than an unknown risk like a new candidate who will promise many things without the assurance of being able to get those things done because, despite the president being a powerful individual, they cannot simply will their plans into action because of the existing checks and balances. Funnily enough, I didn't even know the legalization of (medical or otherwise) marijuana was on the ballot in some states until I was checking in on the gay marriage count updates. Just my thoughts!
  5. I love when doing Tarot readings for a game actually relates to the characters' problems.

  6. That awkward moment when a mouse-ish mortal PC kills her abusive mage NPC boyfriend. . .

  7. Wewt Pathfinder! I <3 my Inquisitor, who serves Death by destroyed necromancers.

  8. Might as well. I'm the one in the uniform, with the sideways cap and the tongue sticking out. Senior year of high school I was partially responsible for getting the kiddies off the rappelling wall, and had to show them that forty feet with a rope harness wouldn't kill them. The other girl in the photo doesn't game, but I talked her off the wall. Uh. . . Obviously, it's a couple years old now, and I have some other ones, but that one will do well enough. I mean, a lot of stuff has happened since, and I think my hair is more red now than it was then, but the general jist of things.
  9. Art Request

    There's a bit of information that would help you find the right artist for you if you were to provide it. Here are a few questions: • What medium are you wanting this done in: digital, hand-drawn and scanned? • Technique and detail: realistic, cartoon, anime, caricature? Color, lines, black and white? • Dimensions: do you want landscape or portrait [wide or tall]? Large-scale? Small? I am aware there are quite a few talented artists as a part of this community - I hope you find the one for you. ^^
  10. G'day

    Hey there! Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll find useful resources and helpful people in your time here! As to your question, my opinion would be nWoD - this is because all the splats in the nWoD are simply templates over a base mortal shell, and thus the rules are much more cross-over-friendly, especially if you focus on the small-scale (a city or small region). Cheers! RagAhroun
  11. Totally going to play a Bone Gnawer 'trashion' designer one day. . . . For the lulz.

  12. Conflicting feelings on my daughter's discovery of self-motion.

  13. Court Triat and Contracts?

    I'm still working on this, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions/thoughts?
  14. Saw SuckerPunch today.

  15. Working on the Courts idea. . . It's harder than I thought with all the information needed.