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  1. How fit are you?

    Not fit at all. Which is killing me already. And that's OK.
  2. SnE Members Map

    Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  3. New system help

    5 over. In other words, once you get close, the last roll is where it counts. The last push, so to speak.
  4. I am bored....twitter me!

    http://www.twitter.com/serial I ooze geek all over my twitter. I am now following ye! Of course, you must also take into account the fact that "What are you doing" is not what Twitter is actually about. It's more like "What are you thinking". Some people are geniuses at that thinking thing, like Jhonen Vazquez, or Warren Ellis, and they make our days a bit brighter.
  5. Is it just me, or does NWoD not Generate Discussion ?

    Precisely. It's not just the nWoD: The RPG industry as a whole is suffering. Also, don't forget to add that Pen and Paper RPGs have a lot of competition from other forms of entertainment; in particular, I'd say videogames are one of the biggest things to affect the industry, both directly and indirectly.
  6. PDF Bundle offer!

    Every week, a new PDF bundle is released through Drivethru RPG. This week is OUR turn! Promethean! You want to recommend this book to a friend? Here's a chance for them to get it at a lower price and with a nifty SAS to boot! So, pass it around! IT'S ALIVE!
  7. What do you want in Geist?

    From the ad, I can tell you there are going to be skulls in this game. I expect there will be lots of skulls, even more of them than in all the previous games. This prediction is factual, based on real, undeniable science.
  8. Just played DnD 4th Ed

    I can't help but wonder: What's wrong with that? No, seriously. I do wonder, because even my hardcore DnD DM loves 4E because it's more like WoW.
  9. Fear mai 733t ninja skillz!

    Nothing wrong with that, if you know what you're doing. If you like roleplaying games, there will come a point in which, sometimes, you will just want to play a Badass Ninja Character just for the heck of it.
  10. Hello

    Welcome to the boards! Keep checking back often! We don't bite! (Unless you like that and want to...)
  11. Death Note

    Agreed. The Anime is good, yes, I can't deny that... But the comic? I find it far more impressive.
  12. earthbound 2 now available!!!

    'tis the season to be jolly... Through flaying.
  13. IHAL's Halloween

    Fuckin' unfair if you ask me.