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  1. The new skins make me feel at home again here! Thank you Mortekai.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! What are your plans for 2010?
  3. Ideas for nice, cheap Christmas presents

    Bebop, what he said!
  4. Oglaf - most definitely not safe for work

    Chig, you're right, but...ewwww! If you like Oglaf then I thoroughly recommend Platinum Grit which is also illustrated and co-written by Trudy Cooper. Beautifully written and drawn and laugh out loud funny but not for lazy readers nor people who don't like unanswered questions.
  5. Merry Christmas SnE!

    Enjoy the festive season!
  6. Hey Shikome, saw your name and it rang a bell. In the Middle Kingdom setting which includes games like Kindred of the East the Shikome are servants of the Yama King, Lord Emma. They're basically a sexy re-work of a Japanese mythical beings turned into über ninja assassins. Sounds cheesy but with a decent back story they can make for a well-crafted adversary.

  7. Sayako one, Sayako two

    In November I broke up with my girlfriend Sayako. It's weird to say that because, actually, no one ever calls her Sayako. Never. Ever. She always goes by an abbreviated form of her family name. The name Sayako is far less common than Sayaka and for some reason she just doesn't like it. Right, on with the story. The other day I was taking the train into Kobe and I had my friend's longboard with me. Near me there was a pretty Japanese girl reading a book and when we started pulling away from the station she asked me a question in English about the skateboard's graphic, "Why is the picture of the carp leaping down the waterfall instead of up as they usually do in Japanese and Chinese wall scrolls?" Not the sort of thing a stranger usually enquires about on the train. We continued chatting and when it came to introduce ourselves she used her family name; this is common practice for Japanese who don't speak English but I thought it was odd for this clearly internationalised young woman to do so. I pressed her and she confessed that no one ever calls her by her first name, it's uncommon and she doesn't like it. What was it? Sayako. Fate, no I don't think so but why let a chance like that go begging? So I asked her for her contact details and, lo and behold, if we don't have a date together in Kyoto in January. --- Have you guys and gals ever had any odd coincidences in the realms of romance?
  8. So then, what y'all listening to at the moment

    Shonen Young Mononoke Dance These two songs and music vids by Denki Groove are a metric shit load of awesomeness.
  9. Ideas for nice, cheap Christmas presents

    Bebop, interesting idea, I don't think it would fly with anyone I know but it's interesting nonetheless. I posted some presents back home to Australia today. I got them on my recent trip to Myanmar where you can get nice stuff dirt cheap. The lesson here is; if you're travelling in SE Asia stock up on cheap presents which can be doled out at a later date.
  10. A naughty but very funny present to you all... well, at least to those of you over 18. Oglaf
  11. Ideas for nice, cheap Christmas presents

    Hand made goods are great. I've often given paintings, drawings or things I've made. Not everyone has a knack for making things so how about stuff you can buy?
  12. With only two weeks left of 2009 what has been the biggest, best, weirdest, most interesting, etc. news story of the year? J
  13. The world economic crisis means that many people are reluctant to splash out on lots of expensive Christmas gifts. What are some nice but cheap gifts to give this year? J
  14. Temples thoughts on game design

    Temple, could you tell us a few examples of games you feel best exemplify one (or more) creative agendas. J
  15. Jobs & Games

    Hey Morrigan, been a while! You finished your Brass Court game yet? I work for a private language school in Japan teaching English. I usually work from 3 to 9pm so I have a lot of free time in the morning but it's difficult to organise games because my players live in a different city and have busy schedules.