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  1. H'lo MK folk, how's life been treating you all? What's new? The rainy season has started in Japan and will continue until late July when the summer heat kicks up a gear. I've been busy with this and that; I recently made a ping pong table comprised of two separate folding halves which can be folded and placed on top of one another to make a low Japanese style dining table. I designed the legs so that when they're not being used to support the ping pong table they can be stacked to form bookshelves. In other news, I was recently given a 130 year old koto! It cost me $200 to get it re-stringe
  2. Wild boars were very much in evidence in 2007 - the Year of the Boar. The Japanese use different characters to differentiate between pigs and wild boars, curiously the Chinese don't. There's a pharmacy near my work which has a stuffed female boar and baby on display in the front of the store. The baby has been patted so often the hair on it's back has come off completely and they replaced it with a strip of leather! Known as inoshishi, wild boars much like rats, foxes and racoon dogs have become fixtures of the urban environment in Japan. In the northern parts of Kitano in Kobe, near Mt. Rokko
  3. H'lo all, Just wanted to let you know about an interesting article about wolves in the U.S.A in the March issue of National Geographic. The entire article with photos, illustrations and an interactive map can be found here. It's really informative and bound to give you some ideas for your games. J
  4. If I were a bamboo prince or any Kuei-jin for that matter I'd be leery of letting any Cainites into my territory. John Smith of the Anarch Free State is easy to keep an eye on; he's 6'4", has blue eyes and blond hair and speaks appalling Cantonese. In every way he sticks out like a sore thumb, but what about his childer, what about his ghouls? They're more difficult to keep tabs on. John Smith might agree to an alliance because he's unsure of himself in a dangerous, foreign environment. Will his progeny (and their progeny in turn) be so tractable? Interesting idea, yes, it's inevitab
  5. It's often said that one of the edges Cainites have over Kuei-jin is the ability of the former to create cannon fodder by mass embracing/ghouling. Is there a way to intentionally create a Kuei-jin? I can think of a couple. Yes, I know the idea would be abhorrent to the vast majority of Kuei-jin who follow the Great Principle and belong to an orthodox dharma nevertheless I want you to use your imagination and share ideas for mass production. J
  6. Thanks Incisors, I fixed it. ZeroNinja, a good suggestion. Now that China is set to eclipse Japan as the world's second largest economy I'm sure we'll see a 'Rising Sun' style movie set in the streets and boardrooms of Shanghai or Beijing.
  7. Stumbled upon a good site which has 81 verses from the Tao Te Ching. Soft Bones Who is filled with harmony is like a newborn. Wasps and snakes will not bite him; Hawks and tigers will not claw him. His bones are soft yet his grasp is sure, For his flesh is supple; His mind is innocent yet his body is virile, For his vigour is plentiful; His song is long-lasting yet his voice is sweet, For his grace is perfect. But knowing harmony creates abstraction, And following abstraction creates ritual. Exceeding nature creates calamity, And controlling nature creates violence. The othe
  8. I agree with you IHAL. Better results can be had from using your own tailored mis/disinformation than what can be garnered from the nWoD books. I didn't say it was a great idea just 'a little idea for making use of the nWoD'. Ten years ago I ran a V:tM game with the players investigating a publishing house responsible for the release of an RPG called 'Vampire: The Masquerade'. I'm sure a bunch of people have had the same idea.
  9. That's a valid point, fear of losing face often prevents people from acknowledging they themselves or a trusted source of information is wrong. It's even more of an issue for the Kuei-jin because a loss of face is one of the potential triggers for Fire Soul which in turn can lead to Shadow Soul (pg. 150 - 151, KotE core). I would hope the players do this. I might also give them contradictory notes/evidence and put them in a position where they have to make a leap of faith or test both options.
  10. Kurou! Another face I haven't seen in ages. I think the Changeling fans have an edge when it comes to keeping a forum ticking over 'cause more than any other game C:tD is about keeping the dream alive.
  11. Kindred of the East came out in 1997. The Bamboo Princes is an organisation comprised of mostly young vampires who are trying to modernise Kuei-jin society. They use modern tactics, modern technology. It is not 1997, it's 2010, and I ask you what modern tactics and modern technology are the young vampires of 2010 using now in their struggle against the Ancestors and Mandarins? I wonder what Wan Kuei rebels are doing to surmount the Great Firewall of China. At a deeper level how do you think the changes of the past decade have affected the Kuei-jin as a whole?
  12. Here's a little idea for making use of the nWoD in your Middle Kingdom games. The Shen of Asia have a less than perfect understanding of their Western counterparts. How could you represent these misunderstandings in a game? When players hear about or search for information on Kindred or Garou instead of giving them information taken from the old Word of Darkness why not draw it from the Vampire: The Requiem or Werewolf: The Forsaken? Why not let the differences between the oWod and nWod work in your favour? After all, many of the fundamental concepts are the same as is quite a lot of the te
  13. Hey Rogerio, glad you stopped by and said hello. Yeah, it's been quiet here and on SnE in general. I know I haven't been on as much as I used to be and one of the big reasons would have to be Facebook. I'm checking it everyday and writing messages where I once would be doing that here. J
  14. It was fun, thanks! I'd still like to make a KotE boardgame one of these days.
  15. The new skins make me feel at home again here! Thank you Mortekai.

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