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  1. Worst. Game. Ever.

    Heh, that last one there sounds like a summary of Lost. Think the most silly games I've been part of, is these; 1. Star Wars. We're supposed to try out some new experimental armours for the rebellion, with jetpacks and stuff, which requires a special skill to use properly. We didn't have that skill, of course... But we met like 20 other bad guys that just attacked us for no reason with the skill to use the funky armour, including having the ultraspecial armour at all, AND had loads of thermal detonators! If we managed to kill one, he would somehow detonate the TD in the same instance... Odd enough, I stopped playing Star Wars. 2. Warhammer fantasy rpg. The GM really like science fiction, and had seen the Predator movies... Need I say more? A spaceship, full of predators, landed on this medieval planet and ran out to hunt us down. With their funky shoulderguns and spearguns. Not to mention the discs they throw and chop through anything. Seriously, I was mortally wounded in the first encounter, with one shot, and ended up laying bleeding for the whole "session". No more warhammer fantasy rpg. Atleast not with that GM. 3. My own game. Since I moved to a new place, I was thrilled to find people that wanted to play CoC. I happily invited everyone that asked, but stopped at 6 players, which were more than enough. After a few months, it became more and more appearent that some of the players couldn't roleplay, only rollplay with guns blazing. One of them sent me a secret note; "I'll ready my rifle" Which is exactly the same as he said all the fucking time, when not saying: "Can I shoot that one?" "Any zombies that I can shoot tonight?" etc. I had to purge the group. Two from the original group still stands, one is added after he finally quit playing WoW and was no longer phantasmal to us, another is also invited, but can only play when he's not working. Another could play, if it weren't for her exams, homework and other study-things that comes in the way. It works out better now. Those I threw out are now playing rollplaying games with treasures, magical weapons of doom and lots of xp to bolster their levels, which keeps them happy for days. It all works out for the best.
  2. Blowshitupus.

    You have much honour, Walks-in-shadows. More than me. Other than that, I think everything needed is said twice over, so this post should be closed down shortly. ...Spit bile... Heh. Did you really find it that harsh? Funky.
  3. Blowshitupus.

    You should notice that I never mentioned any of that. To answer the rest of your inquiry, Lucien, I have already answered it.
  4. Blowshitupus.

    Sorry, I believed it was obvious that when moderators go forth with a bad example, others will follow and continue in their path of silly behaviour. That is why I went for the moderators, so their example could shine in the future and stop the problems. Am I to idealistic? As a slide remark, Korou; Stop apologising.It's not like you was accused of anything. Unless, of course, you have an undeniable urge of justifying something you wasn't accused of...?
  5. Blowshitupus.

    I use this medium instead of PM because; 1. Writing X PM and discussing it with everyone would be taxing for everyone involved. 2. Posting it here, could create a prevalens so these incidents would cease alltogether.
  6. Blowshitupus.

    Its neither akward nor insults, its the truth as I see it. My belief dictates I must speak the truth, and not hide it with lies and words I don't really mean. As you noticed, I did not list names, because there should be no need to do so. Therefor it is not personal insults, but accusations towards those that recognice themselves in my description. *points at SnE-chat* Why not use that instead of "chatting" in the midst of posts that has the potential to become interresting?
  7. Blowshitupus.

    I do this to try enchancing the forum overall. Expectations aren't high, but there is a slight chance of improvement. (You are almost right, Kurou, but I think you projectorize a little too much of yourself into that last comment).
  8. Blowshitupus.

    Is it just me, or is this forum degenerating rapidly? There are some okay posts now and then, but overall its a lot of odd questions that wouldn't been needed raised if the questioner had read a bit further in the book. And no; I'm not just talking about the Void. This is about the forum in general. Another scary thing, is the completly lack of stability many moderators has to offer. Some of them are outright postcounters, and I'm unsure if they can contribute in any other way then saying the completly obvious, come with some silly off-theme remark or just answer the whole post with different emoticons. I have refrained from putting up a list of names, but those that I'm addressing, should, if they are indeed capable of understanding, realize themselves that what they do is wrong out from what I here present. There must be more here that has noticed the same as me. My guess is that some of these people will; a) remove this text without warning. get angry and answer something completly ludicrous, thus revealing the person's identity for being one of "them". c) Don't understand the severity of this, and continue as before. I will make a copy of this text now, and post it anew if it is removed.
  9. what in the name of...

    Its really a compensation for not having a monarchy, but having more and more lame-ass presidents and candidates for the position.
  10. 250

  11. The Lads

    Does Danny work in a post-office? He seem extremly tense.
  12. CoC Vs WW 2nd Edt

    Just remember that there is no d20 CoC-rulebook. It does not exist. If you see someone that says they got it; Punch them really hard and burn their book.
  13. Hah! New Avatar!

    Avast! Shoot a duck and call me Charlie! You surely got some good bedtime reading for your kids.
  14. what in the name of...

    Talking about religion in general, american druid. I mentioned the druid from California to a friend. He said: "Oooh, look at me, I'm as pagan as pagan can be..." and "Real druids come from Brittain". They also came from from a few places in northern continental Europe, like northern France, Belgia and so on. The reason this "faith" bothers me, is what you said in context of the sacrifice of a bull, that you would improvice as you did it. Also the thing about drama and theatrics. Its my personal faith to put other faith to doubt. I don't bother to do it all the time with christians, muslims and such, since their minds often are herd-based and does what is popular in the mass of people they are a part of. Druids, however, perplex me, since this is uncommon, and I must investigate further.
  15. what in the name of...

    Cut off the fingers? I just find the american druid-concept to be extremely... LOL. Very absurd. I'm not a religous person at all, just so you know Maybe its just my understanding of USA... Right-wing, super-religious capitalistic state. Selling religious services... How odd. How medieval.