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  1. *waves*

    never played KotE, eh?? well, it's about time you fixed that, don't ya think? ^^ you are hereby invited to the middle kingdom forum, fox.... be sure to honor that invitation, or else I'll go demon shintai on your arse =D kidding. but do stop by! heiwa!
  2. Hurricane Katrina

    I be worried all day about IHAL.... don't ask me if I'm gonna sleep tonight... of course, I also hope all of you SnE forumites and all your folks are fine as well... sorry for the favoritism people, but we come a long way =) I just don't hope this way comes to a halt now....
  3. New Girl on the forums

    Hey, wolfhart! wanna try something new?? with all these fads coming from the orient, we're in really high demand =P why don't you stop by the middle kingdom forum and see if there's anything you like? you might get surprised -and frightened- with all the misteries Asia still has to offer =D hope to see you there, soon =) Heiwa
  4. New Hello

    Hail, Shigora! Ever played Kindred of the East? Dark Kingdom of Jade? Land of 8 Million Dreams? Hengeyokai, Shapeshifters of the East? Middle Kingdom gamelines tend to be more exotic, enlightening and polemic, so it'd not be a bad thing to watch out for us! Consider yourself invited! =)
  5. Hello

    greetings, Cody! so, you say you like wraith, eh? well, I've never played it but I hear it's a helluva game. Shen (Middle Kingdom supes) tend to interact with ghosts and such alot, paying their respects and asking for their aid. might be worth checking it out, what do you say? =) We'll be expecting you!
  6. Hello all

    well, it seems to me lady luck is on your side, then.... maybe I ought to warn mina chan of this? blackmail is soo bad it makes me feel sooo good!
  7. Hello all

    how is he so fast? anyway, greetings, secularis! J's right, if you ever feel curious about asian folklore, misteries, curious notes and anything else, come see us down the middle kingdom! heiwa!
  8. A Proper Introduction

    damn it, you insolent relic!! second and last time you outrun me! *activates discipline - righteous smackdown of the vengeful cub* well, as our mandarin White Crane Jahanjahan's already put it, we'd most certainly appreciate your presence down at the MK forums... we hold some interesting characters there, as Venomous Tongue IHAL and passers-by, like Combustioning Temple and Iron Claw Annael... come see us anytime; maybe we can get you to stay a "little more" =P Heiwa!
  9. Aaaaah Hello

    startigo!! I saw you on SnE's chat, but I thought you were dead or something (or just liked to be a spectator, like LRR =) well, allow me to say hi and welcome you into SnE... like you, I also started with VtM, but soon came to realize WW held greater horizons for me =), like many of the forumites here... maybe I can guide down the right path when/if you do that? the Middle Kingdom holds all kinds of mysteries and horrors even beyond unlife... care to take a sip? damn, why do I almost always talk like devil's advocate?! bah! anyway... you're formally invited to our court.... and may I let you know a refusal is seen as a really rude thing to our honorable ancestors, white crane Jahanjahan and Venomous tongue IHAL hope to see you there!
  10. Trogdor comes in the...I mean "Hi"

    Well, as JJ has already done my job, I just wanted to stop by and say hi and welcome... it's been kind of more agitated than normal around here (at least for me), but don't be intimidated by it if you get the feeling, too =) oh, and please do check the MK forum! I'm sure everyone there would like to have you around! We're a secretive and isolated bunch, but we -tend- to like new faces =D heiwa!
  11. So, uh. Hey.

    well, I'm sure you'll be popping up everywhere, but just to point you in the right direction (=D), the Middle Kingdom forum is pumping up with sweetest of all the "regular" gamelines and even more.... be sure to stop by!! We're the best there is, and we're not afraid to say it! =P
  12. greetings...

    You seem a powerful enough gaijin to join our ranks. Come to the Middle Kingdom forum and expect enlightenment; neglect it and expect oblivion.... what say you? are you willing to fight amongst the righteous devils? or will you stay by the incursors' side and face the eye of heaven? I await your decision there...
  13. Hello to all!

    oh, yes!! they invade your home, kidnap your lunar bear of strength 16 and demand all your quintessence in return..... of most foul purpose, don't you agree? =D
  14. Hiya!

    For centuries the exotic realm of Asia has defied the Kindred's incursions. Those few Children of Caine dwelling in Asia whisper of the monstrous Cathayans - the shadowy vampires native to the East. For too long the Cathayans have lain like sleeping dragons, allowing the Kindred a facade of omnipotence. Now, the new Age is at hand; Yin-daggers tremble in the talons of the Resplendant Cranes, and the Devil-Tigers howl for souls in the dark. The Wheel of Ages turns steadily to the age of blood and fire, the age that the Westerners call the Apocalypse. The ghostly roars of battles yet to come resound in the Yang Realms, and the cries of wild devils echo between mountaintops. And the beast-changers, the moon's children - the hengeyokai - hear them all. The tigers watch the sun descend; the goblin spiders crawl in the shadows; the foxes whistle to one another; the dragons below mountains awake. The time of great war is here. Talk about mithology!! We have it all! If you find yourself interested, there's much you could learn from the Middle Kingdom. We await your decision .... "May you live in interesting times..."
  15. Hello to all!

    Hey again, Dominic! Ignore all those gaijin and open yourself to real enlightenment! Your Hengeyokai cousins would welcome one such as you Be sure to stop by the Middle Kingdom forum and see if there's anything you like =). you never know what you may find in ancient shadows...