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    A valid concern raised by @zenten in Discord is how can you be sure that Shadownessence will stay online now as it has been tossed around quite a bit in the past few years. Well, like I have said I have already payed for 12 months of hosting so shadownessence will remain at least that long. There is an interest from Whitewolf to keep this site open for business as we are one of the larger communities out there for WoD, but more importantly since we have the best, smartest and most passionate fans in one place as well. I also have offers from a lot of people if I should want to walk away from Shadownessence that they are willing to take up the torch and keep Shadownessence alive. Based on this I can guarantee that Shadownessence will not go down for at least another year and after that time will tell. I have no other project going on as I have closed down pretty much everything besides Shadownessence and I do no plan to step away in any foreseable future, quite the opposite.
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    Wow, I haven't even thought of this place in AGES. It's nice to look around again and see if I recognize anyone anymore (or if anyone recognizes me). ❤️
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    Greetings! My name is Jacob and I am located in the frozen Viking wasteland known as Denmark! *S* I am also a sometimes freelance writer for White Wolf and Onyx Path and a contributor to Storyteller's Vault.
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    A long time ago I had a vision for this forum and we reached greatness due to our shared passion for the games and our desire to work together. A great team was formed and the community grew into a state of respect and consideration for eachother. As I stepped away this team managed the community despite many changes to the hosting and domain name (yes, all my fault). It is now 12 years since I had any real inolvement in SnE and I am not sure if I should get involved again or not since I am trying to reduce such things in my life. Still, I do feel it would be a shame to let the community drift without a stable home since even if we still have a great team managing things it is difficult to keep things together without a stable foundation. So I have bought a new home for Shadownessence for the next year and I will be a little involved in doing some cleaning and building new functions where needed. I have had a nice chat with @Tobias Andersson Sjogren, the CEO of WhiteWolf and he sparked a fire inside me with all the great things coming our way in 2018 and forward. This spark will fuel some changes here so we can provide a foundation for old a new players while WhiteWolf prepare for the amazing things later this year. I will continue discussing with WhiteWolf to see how we can best support the continuing efforts on their side while cultivating a breeding ground for discussions, support and inspiration to all WoD fans out there. So, Shadownessence will not go anywhere for the next year at least and I am commited to helping the SnE team do some cleaning and reorganise some things for the future. 2018 will be a great year for WoD fans I think and it makes sense that SnE will support that effort as we have done for the past 20 years.
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    Originally I had planned this to all be one book, covering Mexico all the way through Panama. It has become very apparent that this would not do justice to this part of the world, so this first book is going to cover the fae in Mexico and Belize. So without further ado, here is chapter 2 of the Kingdoms of the Feathered Serpent project. I really hope you all like it. As ever I would really value feedback (but hasten to add that chapter three will explain a lot more about the fae themselves) Chapter 2.docx
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    To anyone reading, thanks for taking the time to look at my thread. Long time ST here, but I find I'm in need of some advice. I've run plenty of Camarilla & Sabbat chronicles (using Revised and V20, typically), but...I've never actually run an Anarch-focused chronicle. Admittedly, I think I'm struggling to get in the right mindset for it, but my RL players are fairly interested in a change of pacing from our usual VtM games, and I think they want to try being Anarchs for a change. I've been playing VtM for years, and even I'm surprised this is the first time I've ever considered running an Anarch game, but it's what the players want, so I'm willing to take a stab at it! So could I get some advice or recommendations as to what makes a great Anarch chronicle, and not only that, how to run one from your perspective? (I'm not being more specific here because I really want to know what works for y'all for these types of chronicles & what doesn't, what makes a successful Anarch game--like...what elements best fit in these--successful.) I tend to find picking the brains of other STs and what felt 'awesome' for players elsewhere tends to give me a good idea of what to do whenever I'm at a loss. I do have some sourcebook stuff for the Anarchs, but I have found it all a bit overwhelming. I was thinking to try to mitigate how overwhelming the whole 'revolution' element is for me that I could try setting an Anarch chronicle in a smaller town? While that might make it harder to feed without notice, I imagine it would also encourage a certain responsible or careful ethos in the PCs. Anyways, thoughts? : )
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    Hi, I'm Blythe. I created my account a teensy bit back (after hearing this was an interesting site that had been reactivated, something along those lines) but wasn't brave enough to really post here, but I remembered I had this account today & decided to try to be a bit more social & say hi. Been playing various things in the WoD for years. VtM in particular is my jam, and I'm a frequent ST of it, mostly in online games. Nice to meet y'all, and to whoever reads this, thank you for taking the time out to read my introduction post!
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    Good lords! So Shadownessence is really back. I've missed this place. Realistically speaking I haven't had anything to do with Vampire or WoD since before the point the site went inactive last time, but... /Kyrel
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    Not complaining Mortekai. I got married in '16 and the wife's expecting a boy come May this year. I could wish for some more turnover in my business, but otherwise life is good :-) Hope you can say the same?
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    I'm pretty much always here, to say the least. I'm still doing my web design stuff, despite no longer working with someone I consider a very dear friend that has helped me through out the past several year, @Mortekai in that aspect.. but know that he's there if I run into a snag with something.
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    I am still here. In a way, you could say that I have never been away.
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    I agree Loyalone, it would be a shame of catastrophic proportions to see this Grand Old Lady disappear like the Cappadocians.
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    I am pleasantly surprised to find this dark corner of the web still exists. I've missed the old days, especially since I quit LARPing locally because of the bullshit within the community which I absolutely refuse to tolerate. And because of some personal and health problems of the tabletop group that I loved to play with I no longer do that. At 73 and counting I'm still hale and hearty and play a lot of V:tMB, Fallout , and Elder Scrolls. Glad to see a lot of old friends still around, thanks Mortekai for notifying me that we're up and running again. As an aside notification, I use Firefox as my web browser and they notified me that this not a secure siite. Any idea as to why that might be? Gung Hey Fat Choy, year of the Dog. Agatana
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    Updating and re-arranging things a bit.
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    Heard this was back up and running so I thought I'd check in. Hope everyone is doing ok.
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    I got in touch with @Mortekai on Facebook and he gave the approval for the name change. I went ahead and made the changes already, so no worries on driving yourself bonkers @Saint Michael. LOL!
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    I'll get on it once I re-familiarize myself with the admin tools.
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    At WoD Berlin Lost_Heretic and I were pretty clear to Martin and Tobias was that while sales of V5 may be massive, that they should not use that initial sales number to guide sales numbers on future releases. Fans are fans and will buy a new edition with the WW logo whether they intend to like the game or not. We saw this with VtR 1e. This time round though there is no brick and mortar rpg implosion to point to if sales go south.
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    For Backers the PDF for Wraith: the Oblivion 20th anniversary edition was finally released not too long ago and I want to know if anyone has had the chance to read it and if they have any thoughts. I really love how much was presented in the book personally and am still going through it given how large it is and was impressed with what I saw added from skimming the book; This is my thought on the matter at least, anyone else able to talk about it as well
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    What's everyone think of this?
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    Got my c20 book in the mail! With dice sets. Finally I can read it!!
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    Not necessarily. Take your time, unless you really want to show off that amazing work.
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    Just uploaded my newest book: http://www.storytellersvault.com/product/238823/Faith-and-Fury-Dark-Ages-Antagonists?src=newest_community&filters=45622
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    Welcome to the darkness that is known as, SnE!
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    Glad to have you onboard!
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    Here we are! After I don't know how long, the edited first chapter and history of the Kingdoms of the Feathered Serpent! Don't worry, there is much, MUCH more to come. But for now I hope you all enjoy! A massive thank you to everyone that has helped with this, especially my friend in Mexico City (who is not on this site) who has been invaluable in all his editing, and utterly incredible in his patients with me KotFS History.docx
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    Hello, everyone! This is going to be Jackalope Live Action Studios' official account here. We're hoping to hold some AMAs and other items related to our upcoming White Wolf projects, and give you some special insights into what is going on in our neck of the White Wolf woods. If you haven't heard, our studio has recently signed a deal with White Wolf to do the first officially licensed fully-immersive White Wolf blockbuster LARP focusing on the Sabbat. Called The Night In Question, it is set at an illegal rave turned mass embrace and blood temple during the late 90s outside of Austin, Texas, where players will experience being hunted, embraced and turned into monsters under the wide Texas night sky. If you have any ideas about what you'd like to see from us here, please let us know! So glad to see this community is back up and running. You can learn more about our game at: http://the-night-in-question.jackalope-larp.com/ - The Jackalope Team
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    Hey, Agatana! Great to see you again. Proto-Kemuel here
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    Human Damage Werewolf: The Apocalypse tells the story of Cahal, a Werewolf of the Garou clan. His son has mysteriously disappeared, and his clan has been wiped out. He has taken it upon himself to figure out what is going on, and may uncover something worse being done by the humans. When Cahal and others discover environmental horrors lying just around the corner, the narrative will shift to focus on the threat our species, paired up with vampires, represents to the planet. Given the recent controversy involving the United States and the Paris Agreement, and the general consensus amongst scientists that humanity is doing untold damage to the environment in the name of progress, a story where humans and vampires are antagonists certainly feels timely. Let’s just hope the narrative isn’t too preachy, because that can drive fans away from a game fairly quickly. The high fantasy setting involving werewolves, vampires, and other mythological beasts should hopefully prevent this from happening. Since Cahal can take on three separate forms at any time, levels have been designed with that in mind. There will usually be an option to go in stealthily as Lupus, the wolf form, and sneak in undetected behind enemy lines, or as Homid, the human form, to enter via social means by talking to people who assume you are one of them. Finally, the combat form Crinos is a valid way to break in, using brute force. With Great Power… It’s this third form that has the most potential to cause lasting damage. Crinos represents the pure rage that spiritual beings feel when they see the irresponsible waste of Mother Earth as done by mankind. If enough rage is built up by damage received and enemies killed, Cahal will lose all control and see both friends and foes as enemies that must be killed. If the area is not wiped out of every other living thing, Cahal will be overwhelmed and lose their mind to the Wyrm, which is a lengthy way of saying it’s game over. Everything shown for Werewolf: The Apocalypse was only in presentation slide form. There was no actual game footage to speak of, only a lot of ideas and concepts such as side missions which can be found in the overworld consisting of disabling a polluting power plant owned by the humans. There’s still a long development process to go before we’ll even see a playable version of the game. But Cyanide Studio’s vision is clear, and things have been set in motion to see that vision through to the product’s release. Werewolf: The Apocalypse appears to be a game with a message that it wants to get across. Three completely different styles of gameplay will certainly help to vary the action, and will hopefully be incorporated in some puzzle solving as well. While environmentally-aware storylines are nothing new, one from the perspective of mythological beasts is different. With any luck, Cyanide Studio will release a fun action game with some heart, whenever it releases (a date is not yet decided upon). Read more at http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/02/19/werewolf-the-apocalypse-preview-playstation-lifestyle/#PBUG5Do0hBAr9HHK.99
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    all right I will throw something together then, flowing from the last post I had put up and see what I can come up with.
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    Welcome back! Spread the word about SnE. Let's bring some old hands back into the fold, and hopefully some new blood, too.
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    Welcome back GB I am still in IT and I am deeply involved with work processes right now in a large international retail company. Mostly doing project management lately. but still dip my toes in code and design when ever I can
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    It will be great to see what the future brings
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    So we're now in 2018. It's a bit late to post it, but I hope everybody has a good 2018!
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    Once we get things up to date with the current White Wolf material that we want posted and shared, I am going to start looking at reaching out to other areas to promote SnE further. This would include places on Discord and other chats that might be being used for White Wolf gaming. Going to try and bring new life here and make it all flourish once again.
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    So, after a lot of pain and trouble the site is finally back again. I moved the site to a new server and did a not very smooth upgrade, but here we are finally. I aim to work on the site in the next few months to get it back on track. The first order of business will be to get the downloads back again and I have spent quite a few dollars on getting us back online again... This version of Shadownessence have alot of new things, so enjoy all the new toys for now and I'll add more later on
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    I found them lurking on a Facebook board, shivering over a tiny ember of Glamour, and I brought them back home
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    Hello! I've been a fan of Vampire for about five years now, and I stumbled onto this forum by chance and thought I might give it a go. I'm a graduate student in Medieval History living in the UK ( originally from the US). I mostly play Dark Ages, as most of you would probably expect, so you'll probably spot me over there most of the time. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    Hello everyone I think you may remember me for those who were here in the original forums but then again though I have to admit that I had gotten a bad reputation here due to my past transgressions especially aggressively attacking a certain religion that I think was the reason got me banned here in the first place and I have to confess that my rep outside this forum isn't that great either which I don't feel like getting into right this moment. Although it's great to back here and at least I have a few remaining spaces to discuss anything WoD/CotD related due to what I aforementioned here a while ago but now since the admins are kind enough to let me back here, I would hope to keep this place indefinitely and I will try my best to remain sober here but however know this, I'm now fully realized myself as a leftist who supports social justice which back then I was trying lean toward to that path but I didn't fully understand what it was that I was trying to put my finger on and after years of learning and experience since I was banned here, I think I'll be able to express myself better than I did in the past or at least I hope I can. That means while it might be best avoid such topics (but sometimes the topics are unavoidable if they're linked to it) but if I ever come across what needs to be discussed then I try to be constructive as possible or I just leave the conversation completely if feel that anything is not worth discussing anymore. Anyways, I hope would feel welcome here since I don't want to feel embarrassed or anything like that.
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    Sorry to hear that Jimi, my condolences.
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    Even in a world full of randomness, happiness, sadness, change, passion, and all of that other chaos, a few things really make me stop, stop myself, stop time, stop thoughts and pause. Some things make me mourn, really mourn, for what feels eternity. And continue mourning without pause, behind all of that chaos after it starts again. I'm mourning with you, Jimi, for even if I didn't know your brother, he was and is dear to me through you. Danny
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    I am very sorry to hear about this. My deepest condolences and those of Mrs. Random Avenger, who has quite a few relatives in Sweden.
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    Very sorry to hear about this. I hope things go alright for you. RIP
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    I am deeply sorry for what happened, death of someone dear to you must be devastating, but i really hope you will get the strenght to fight with this pain, he will be always in your heart and all memories you had together will be there for always....
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