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    At WoD Berlin Lost_Heretic and I were pretty clear to Martin and Tobias was that while sales of V5 may be massive, that they should not use that initial sales number to guide sales numbers on future releases. Fans are fans and will buy a new edition with the WW logo whether they intend to like the game or not. We saw this with VtR 1e. This time round though there is no brick and mortar rpg implosion to point to if sales go south.
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    A valid concern raised by @zenten in Discord is how can you be sure that Shadownessence will stay online now as it has been tossed around quite a bit in the past few years. Well, like I have said I have already payed for 12 months of hosting so shadownessence will remain at least that long. There is an interest from Whitewolf to keep this site open for business as we are one of the larger communities out there for WoD, but more importantly since we have the best, smartest and most passionate fans in one place as well. I also have offers from a lot of people if I should want to walk away from Shadownessence that they are willing to take up the torch and keep Shadownessence alive. Based on this I can guarantee that Shadownessence will not go down for at least another year and after that time will tell. I have no other project going on as I have closed down pretty much everything besides Shadownessence and I do no plan to step away in any foreseable future, quite the opposite.