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    http://www.dogwithdice.com/whitewolfaredead/ Going by the reviews, the new v5 of V:tM is not something to write home about. It's pitched towards the mindless modern internet neonazi sorts. This review declares that White Wolf are even dead to him now. He even recommends you buy 7th ed Call of Cthulhu instead.
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    I think everything that needs to be said here has now been said. Locking down this thread.
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    Looks like somebody has mastered the art of DARVO and gaslighting here but on the contrary it still doesn't change the fact that reality is quite the opposite actually. Matthew openly collaborated with GamerGaters and it was him that doxxed DogwithDice that lead to him deleting his online presence. Doesn't mean the case is closed when asking them because look at their communities which are decrying "SJWs", "Political Correctness", and worse of all "Cultural Marxism" which makes up 90% of their comment sections that their communities are irradiated by. Doesn't look like to me that they're divorced from them but rather greeted them with open arms and allowed to run amok there.
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    So in case you hadn't noticed, Wraith : the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition finally hit the bookshelves of DrivtThruRPG. Get Wraith 20 here It's got a bit of everything - the Skinlands, the Shroud, the Shadowlands, Stygia (a large amount of data on Stygia), the Hierarchy, Renegades, Heretics, Dark Kingdoms, the Tempest, the Shadow, Spectres, and the Risen. There is also something new there; Orpheus. The projectors from Lucien Soulban's famous six-part post-Time of Judgment serial have a new home, as an Appendix of Wr20.