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    This is why I never put all of my heart and soul into a single game company, or its products, but rather spread the love around to embrace a whole bunch of fandoms. Don't play the blame game. It's unbecoming. All the traditionally nerd-dominated markets - all of them, from tabletop to TV, to books, to comics, to console gaming, to collectible card gaming - all of these industries are facing changes, and you can't go around pointing fingers of blame at social justice warriors for this - and let's give them their full name, to remind people that they have a mission to bring a sense of social justice to a hitherto-unpoliced and lawless toxic environment. There are legions of young people out there, girls, boys, all sorts, who want to join in the games, too. They don't want to be told by the Old Guard to go into the kitchen and make them sandwiches. They have reflexes just as good as the old timers, plus their money's just as good. And the gaming communities are having to run and jump to come up with new kinds of games, new gaming engines, and new environments, to bring them and their fresh money into the fold. Face it. The environment is changing. The Old Guard are losing their power. The people are speaking, and the providers are now starting to listen. Pretty soon, there'll be no corner of the gaming world for old attitudes about who should be in charge. And that has got to be a good thing, because the Old Guard won't be around forever, and sooner or later they'll be gone, and what's left will be all these newcomers, finding their way and then moving on to let the next generation take over, just like the Old Guard did.