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Sword & Sorcery

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  1. Everquest

    Norrath has plunged into darkness, but life and honor cling tenaciously. Hope for renewal rests with the brave, the wise, and the adventurous. But others wish Norrath to suffer exquisitely. The time of its remaking is nigh.

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  2. Scarred Lands

    The Scarred Lands were not always so. Less than two centuries ago, the world of Scarn was healthy -- its forests were green, its seas pure, and its very heart pulsed with magic. The mortal races toiled the land and hunted the beasts, building entire civilizations, stone by stone. It was no paradise, but it was a prosperous world.

  3. Dragonmech

    The earth shudders with the footfalls of massive mechs powered by steam, magic or even the labor of a thousand slaves. Humans, dwarves, elves and orcs pilot these lethal machines, striking back against monstrous forces that seek to decimate their world - and fighting one another for dominance in this new era.


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