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Vampire: The Requiem Projects Forum

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Shadownessence supported Fan based projects.


  1. City of the Damned: Saint Blessing, Florida

    Saint Blessing is the first SnE City of the Damned Project. It will begin as a Requiem city and will eventually expand to include the rest of the new World of Darkness and is being created as well as maintained by the members of Shadownessence.

  2. Vampire: The Requiem Index Project

    The Requiem Index Project is a product of substantial importance to players and Storytellers alike brought to everyone by Shadownessence. The purpose of this project is to give everyone reliable and easy-to-use references that can be put in the backs of books and used as needed. These indexes will include everything you need for fast and efficient references.

  3. The Vampire: The Requiem NPC Database Project

    The Requiem NPC Database Project is a product by Shadownessence that strives to give a well-rounded amount of readily available NPCs to Storytellers for use in any Requiem Chronicles they may have. This is an on-going project that will help to bring about a better and faster gaming experience for Storytellers.

  4. City of the Damned: London, England

    London is the second SnE City of the Damned Project. The project details one of the darkest and most sordid cities on the planet along with the Undead that strive to keep it that way. This project is being created and maintained by the members of Shadownessence.

  5. City of the Damned: Seattle

    The Requiem of Seattle: Sinners Legends

    This is an in depth work up of how Seattle is run, and who controls what in the city. This book will also cover what vampires control and what they don't control. This book will also introduce a new bloodline for the Mehket.

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