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Chronicles of Darkness

The Chronicles of Darkness, born in 2004 as a new vision of the World of Darkness for the 21st Century. Now in its Second Edition. Here, you can discuss Onyx Path's reimagined game lines and original games, from Vampire: the Requiem to Deviant: the Renegades and beyond.


  1. The Chronicles of Darkness and God-Machine Chronicle

    Explore the shadowy corners of the Chronicles of Darkness, where your all-too-real fears lurk in the deep shadows of the world. Delve into the terrifying shadows, and confront horrors to destroy your Integrity. Discuss the Chronicles of Darkness core rulebook and sourcebooks, and the God-Machine Chronicle, here.

  2. World of Darkness II

    The world is not what you think. Creatures dwell in the shadows. Your darkest fears aren't make-believe. They're real. Discuss the rules, setting and anything else related to The New World of Darkness.

  3. Vampire: the Requiem

    Something dead approaches, scenting blood, from out of the night. Endlessly thirsty, we perform a Danse Macabre to the dirge of a neverending Requiem while clutching our withering Humanity as the centuries of eternity beckon. Discuss the rules and setting of Vampire: the Requiem here.

  4. Werewolf: the Forsaken

    We destroyed our own Paradise. Our rage, our regret, our pride, our guilt, burn in the swelling moonlight. We howl, and the spirits tremble as we join the hunt, keeping our spirit and human natures in precarious Harmony. Discuss the rules and setting of Werewolf: the Forsaken here.

  5. Mage: the Awakening

    Across the Abyss, the Supernal calls to us, awakening us to The Lie that is the Fallen World. Addicted to the Mysteries that we see all around us, we wield a birthright of Power in pursuit of Gnosis, tempered by Wisdom. Discuss the rules and setting of Mage: the Awakening here.

  6. Promethean: The Created

    Our dead, stolen flesh burns with the animating alchemical fire of Azoth. Torn between hope and torment, unable to stay long lest we burn the people and the land, we seek to understand Humanity and long to become human ourselves. Discuss the rules and setting of Promethean: the Created here.

  7. Changeling: the Lost

    Abducted by the Fae and dragged through the Hedge to Arcadia, we escaped our captors and now live desperate lives, struggling to retain Clarity and manage our Faerie Wyrd nature, looking over one's shoulder in case our captors come for us. Discuss the rules and setting of Changeling: the Lost here.

  8. Hunter: the Vigil

    A Candle burns in the night. We glimpsed something in the shadows that doesn't belong. We took up Vigil, held its gaze, and risked shattering our Integrity to beat the shadows back. Drawn from the ranks of ordinary humanity, we are the ones who light the darkness. Discuss the rules and setting of Hunter: the Vigil here.

  9. Geist: the Sin-Eaters

    We were never the same after we died. When we were interrupted at the Gates of Death. When we struck the Bargain and came back, carrying passengers in our souls. Now we walk the Earth, dancing with Death, our selves working in Synergy. Discuss the rules and setting of Geist: the Sin-Eaters here.

  10. Mummy: the Curse

    We travel back and forth between alive and dead, at the behest of the Judges of the Afterlife of Duat. During our living cycles, Sekhem burns in us. We strive to do the Judges' bidding whilst seeking Relics to restore the Memory of who we were and could be. Discuss the rules and setting of Mummy: the Curse here.

  11. Demon: the Descent

    We were Angels, all of us, noble and proud, yet willing puppets of our Creator, the God-Machine. Until we chose to Fall. Now we hide from the God-Machine, suborning Its plans to recycle us, maintaining the stolen lives that are our Covers. Discuss the rules and setting of Demon: the Descent here.

  12. Beast: the Primordial

    We were dreamers, pursued by monsters born of Lilith, until we were Devoured and the monsters replaced our souls. We now hunt those who need to be taught fear, and our monstrous souls lap up the emotions to grant their eternal hunger Satiety. Discuss the rules and setting of Beast: the Primordial here.

  13. Deviant: the Renegades

    Born changed, warped by Divergences. Remade as monsters by human hands. At large, trying to keep our Scars, or our creators, from killing us. Holding on to an echo of that which once made us human, whilst trying to make sense of why we were changed. Discuss the rules and setting of Deviant: the Renegades here.