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About This Club

A nice little club where the epitome of art and grace can come and relax or join in discussions about the better way to create the world. Ic posts, or discussion about the clan Toreador are welcome here, come share your creativity, thoughts or simple enjoyment of the rose.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. The cracked rose

    Just a little play around with a lovely filter. Rose free stock photo, with On1 filters added.
  3. Another Studio in the Manor

    To better show the countless works that lay around and her constant view and belief that nothing is good enough. The Artist's conundrum was the original title of this piece of art, this one is taken by me and left raw to show the capabilities of the program that I use to take my shots. Yes the avatar seen in the picture is mine as well.
  4. The Studio

    Most know, that remember from the past, miss Jamilla's passion was art she would spend hours in front of the canvas, creating and producing beautiful works that she never sold. Not able to let go of them because she thought they were never good enough. A perfectionist in all she did, her art room was filled with countless works that if someone got a hold of them would be worth a mint. Once again taken by me in a game called Second life where I spend a lot of my creative time now. Filters and enhancements done on On1
  5. What Jamilla's Gardens would look like

    thank you!
  6. What Jamilla's Gardens would look like

    That looks amazing!
  7. What Jamilla's Gardens would look like

    Sunset on the manor of the Rose would bring the light seekers a moment to think that peace could be found here. However they would be mislead, as this would be the favored place for Miss Jamilla to take her evening tea while she plots her next move to regain her footing in the society ladder. This picture was taken by me in a game called second life that I spend a lot of creative time in. Filters and enhancements were one in a program called on1 to make it even more beautiful than the normal games abilities which are grand indeed.