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Now on Kickstarter: They Came from Beyond the Grave!




>> Join us now on Kickstarter! <<

They Came from Beyond the Grave! is a dramatic, hammy, and horrifying tabletop roleplaying game encompassing the shock, terror, eroticism, and humor of 1970s horror. This game allows you to play with all the magnificent content from the movies of Hammer, Amicus, and Roger Corman, and promises fun and thrills of the horror movie genre!

They Came from Beyond the Grave! contains a mix of serious threat, unmitigated ham, and nonsensical farce. We never tell you what is amusing and what is not, but we do provide you with the tools to make a seriously fun game incorporating all the elements of 1970s horror movies. This game provides rules for funny quips and amusing cinematics for incorporation in a story, along with dozens of special powers and story devices.

They Came from Beyond the Grave! uses the Storypath System, provided in full in the pages of this book!

This They Came from Beyond the Grave!  Kickstarter campaign is designed to enable Onyx Path to create a hardcover rulebook, a print-and-play PDF of Quip and Cinematic cards, and a Director screen to aid play. Exceptional funding may allow us to add Stretch Goals that further develop the setting and add additional materials for play, including more scenarios and additional threats! We also want to get at least one print run into traditional distribution and available for sale at game and hobby stores.

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