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Adding new features today



Today I added a few new features to the site:

  • A New Videos section which aslo has support for Live streaming on Twitch.
  • Forum headers so we can add a nice header for the forums themsleves. Can be seen right now in http://shadownessence.org/index.php?/forum/2-important-announcements/
  • Forum Moderators are added to each forum. Right now moderators are global, so we'll see if that changes later on or not.
  • New post indicators where I am testing out game specific icons in some areas.
  • I have moved a few things around and broought back the RPG section and added a section for finding players.

I also got a thumbs up on the Affiliate part from drivethrurpg.com, so I will start adding content there soon.

All in all a productive day even if I have a terrible headache!


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