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Adding a store for several purposes



I have added a new section to the site, or rather 2 new sections based on one application.

It is the commerce plugin and I am adding it for multiple reasons. One is that it gives the opportunity to add back the donation functionality so you can support the site. The second is that it allow me to setup a classifieds system for buying, selling and trading items.

In the future I hope to be able to add more functionality such as an affilate setup with drivethrurpg.com and a raffles system.

In the upcoming release of 4.3 there will be some additional features that may or may not be of interest. This includes recurring membership/donor features and paid membership for the clubs. Not really sure it's anything we want to add, but it might be worth looking into at least.

This will take a few weeks to setup properly, so please be patient :)


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