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Episode 48: Great Exaltations with Monica Speca

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In which we mostly talk about Exalted with Monica Speca!

  • Finger guns! Good at audio!
  • It’s Monica Speca!
  • How she got started with roleplaying
  • How she joined Onyx Path
  • Getting into Exalted via Scion and Trinity
  • So much Exalted talk!
  • Dixie messes up researching our guest!
  • We talk a lot more about Exalted
  • What are our Exalt types?
  • We talk a bit about Infernals
  • We’re keeping Monica
  • We talk about Storypath System
  • Bonus Experience podcast!
  • A bit more about Exalted

Exalted: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/
V20 Dark Ages: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/144495/Vampire-20th-Anniversary-Edition-The-Dark-Ages
Changeling:The Lost Second Edition: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/248078/Changeling-the-Lost-Second-Edition
Scion Second Edition: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/scion/
Trinity Continuum: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/trinitycontinuum/
Bonus Experience: https://bxpcast.com/
Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/contagion-chronicle-a-chronicles-of-darkness-cross?ref=769170&token=2d954ccb

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