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Shadownessence in 2018



A long time ago I had a vision for this forum and we reached greatness due to our shared passion for the games and our desire to work together. A great team was formed and the community grew into a state of respect and consideration for eachother. As I stepped away this team managed the community despite many changes to the hosting and domain name (yes, all my fault). It is now 12 years since I had any real inolvement in SnE and I am not sure if I should get involved again or not since I am trying to reduce such things in my life.

Still, I do feel it would be a shame to let the community drift without a stable home since even if we still have a great team managing things it is difficult to keep things together without a stable foundation. So I have bought a new home for Shadownessence for the next year and I will be a little involved in doing some cleaning and building new functions where needed.

I have had a nice chat with @Tobias Andersson Sjogren, the CEO of WhiteWolf and he sparked a fire inside me with all the great things coming our way in 2018 and forward. This spark will fuel some changes here so we can provide a foundation for old a new players while WhiteWolf prepare for the amazing things later this year. I will continue discussing with WhiteWolf to see how we can best support the continuing efforts on their side while cultivating a breeding ground for discussions, support and inspiration to all WoD fans out there.

So, Shadownessence will not go anywhere for the next year at least and I am commited to helping the SnE team do some cleaning and reorganise some things for the future.


2018 will be a great year for WoD fans I think and it makes sense that SnE will support that effort as we have done for the past 20 years.


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I agree Loyalone, it would be a shame of catastrophic proportions to see this Grand Old Lady disappear like the Cappadocians.

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