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And so we return again



So, after a lot of pain and trouble the site is finally back again.

I moved the site to a new server and did a not very smooth upgrade, but here we are finally. I aim to work on the site in the next few months to get it back on track. The first order of business will be to get the downloads back again and I have spent quite a few dollars on getting us back online again...

This version of Shadownessence have alot of new things, so enjoy all the new toys for now and I'll add more later on :)


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Has the captcha problem been solved? It was keeping people from signing up, last time.

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Wow, this place brings back memories from a decade ago. Good to see it up and running again.





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Clay tablets last for millennia,

Velum for centuries,

A website disappears with one missed payment.

Thank god all of this lore wasn't lost.

Thank you for doing this. You really made my day.

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No worries. It's an ongoing thing. We're bringing back lost souls, reaching out to help our brethren in need and generally keeping the Balefires running.

You might have noticed a few changes in the subforum descriptors. That's my contribution. I'm sure I'll add some new topics here and there, to catalyse a few new discussions in some of the fora. Or you could jump the gun and send us a few posts yourself.

Welcome back.

Edited by Libra

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Once we get things up to date with the current White Wolf material that we want posted and shared, I am going to start looking at reaching out to other areas to promote SnE further. This would include places on Discord and other chats that might be being used for White Wolf gaming. Going to try and bring new life here and make it all flourish once again. :)

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